The ABCs of TLC

AC Filter Cleaning

A new HVAC unit just out of the box is in fantastic working order, guaranteed to work properly without repair for a while. What if it was possible to keep it working properly, even several years after installing a brand new unit? With the help of KAC Express heading and air in Spring, Texas, we can make this a reality. Our experience and familiarity with HVAC units ensures we have expertise in maintaining HVAC units so they will run more efficiently, last longer, and heat or cool your home to the perfect temperature. It is important to give your unit TLC, but what is really involved in maintaining an HVAC unit?

Taking Care of the Outside of the Unit

The outside of the HVAC unit is what keeps the inside from damage. It is essential to be sure the outside is well taken care of so parts inside don’t experience wear and tear. Dirt often accumulates on the outside of the unit and lodges itself in the system. If not properly cleaned, air flow can be reduced inside the home. It can also create a space for bugs or water to find their way inside the system. The first step in proper TLC of an HVAC unit to properly clean all dirt and debris from the outside.

Maintaining the Inside of an HVAC System

A poorly maintained unit does not run as efficiently as it should and requires more effort to keep your home at the proper temperature. A lack of efficiency will only lead to higher energy bills. Taking care of the internal parts of a system will ensure your system runs properly. There are several steps to maintaining the inside of a system that KAC Express air conditioning company in Spring, Texas can follow for increased efficiency.

Steps to Perform Inside Maintenance

Cleaning Air Filters

Cleaning the air filter is important in removing dust, dirt, pollen, pet hair or mold. Clogged air filters will affect the system’s performance which could lead to expensive repairs. During a checkup, the air filters are cleaned or replaced so the unit doesn’t have to overwork. If you find yourself in need of repairs, trust KAC Express for AC repair in Spring, Texas. We strive to be sure your unit is in tip top shape.

Taking the Temperature

Checking that the thermostat is working properly is an important step in being sure the unit is functioning properly.

Checking the Electrical Components

Electrical connections must be checked and cleaned to ensure long lasting performance. Technicians will also tighten connections and measure voltage.

Keeping Parts Running Smoothly

Lubricating the inner parts are important to be sure each part is running smoothly. Friction can decrease output, leading to higher energy bills.

Draining Condensation

Without proper drainage, water can get into the home and cause damage. Condensation drains can correct this problem. Our job is to maintain these condensation drains to be sure they are working properly, protecting your home.

For a more efficient, longer lasting HVAC unit, call the KAC Express, the expert AC company in Spring, Texas to perform the ABCs of TLC.