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Houston, TX Energy Savings with KAC Express

When you want to save energy and reduce heating and air conditioning bills in your Houston, TX area home, the home energy experts at KAC Express can help. We can go over the different upgrades and home improvements that will greatly reduce your energy consumption and lower your bills. So before you decide to install a new high–efficiency HVAC system, give us a call.

One of our home energy consultants can make sure your home is prepared to have an air conditioner properly installed. For example: along with proper insulation, there are other things you should make sure you’ve done before the upgrade to ensure that you get the most out of your new investment. Call KAC Express if you are ready to start saving energy and money today!

KAC Express can help you save energy and money in Houston, TX.

Achieve Houston, TX Energy Savings with Proper Insulation

Home insulation is important year round for preventing air loss, whether you are heating or cooling your home. It’s best to speak with a professional to help you understand the R–value of home insulation. While insulation with a high R–value will be more effective than insulation with lower R–value, there will need to be other factors involved in selecting the right one for your home and needs.

Those factors can include: the efficiency of your heating and AC system; your overall home efficiency; and the location where new insulation needs to be installed. All of these things will affect which R–value you need. Someone who doesn’t have the right experience and industry knowledge may install insulation with the wrong R–value and not save you any energy, and may even cost you more in the long run. Call us any time if you have questions regarding insulating your home for maximum energy efficiency.


Use High–Efficiency Heating and Air Conditioning Systems in Houston

Are you considering a high–efficiency air conditioning or heating system for a new Houston home construction, or as an upgrade? There are many different options on the market today, and while it may seem overwhelming at first, one of our HVAC experts can help you decide on what’s best for your home and budget. When you call KAC Express we can go over efficiency ratings and the different systems that we install to help lower energy use and reduce your homes heating and cooling bills. Call any time to set up a consultation, or schedule an estimate online.

KAC Express – Helping Customers in Houston, TX Save Both Energy and Money!

Saving energy and money in Houston, TX is easy when working with KAC Express! We have the experience, knowledge, and skills it takes to ensure that you get the most out of your new heating and AC systems. With proper insulation, ventilation, and sealing, we can help reduce your carbon footprint and save you money over time.

In addition to lowering your utility bills, upgrading to a high–efficiency heat pump or furnace will also last longer with proper maintenance, which includes regular professional tune–ups. Call KAC Express any time to learn more about saving energy and reducing your bills throughout the year, or feel free to learn even more energy saving tips.