Why You Should Get Your New Air Conditioner Installed Before Summer

Why You Should Get Your New Air Conditioner Installed Before Summer

by | May 16, 2014 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

The heat during summer in Humble, TX can be very humbling – especially if your air conditioner is on the fritz. Replacing an air conditioner is a big decision, and no one wants to replace theirs in the middle of a summer heat wave. If you’ve been experiencing signs that your air conditioner may be on its last legs, KAC Express is here to help you determine if it’s time for an air conditioning installation in Humble, TX.

Signs It’s Time for a Replacement

There are a few key signs that can indicate your air conditioner may be aging beyond repair:

  • The need for constant repairs
  • Uneven cooling
  • High energy bills
  • Inadequate cooling
  • Age of your AC is more than 10 years

Why Replace Before Summer?

The first reason is one we touched on above: no one wants to replace an air conditioner at the height of summer heat. Not only will you likely pay top dollar, you may also have a longer wait time to get the replacement done as summer is prime-time for AC repair.

Second, if your AC is over 10 years old, it simply is not as efficient as today’s models. Today’s air conditioners can be up to 60% more efficient than models installed just 10 years ago due to new environmental regulations. That’s a great deal less energy needed to cool your home, and you’ll see those savings in your utility bills.

Third, there are great upgrades you can add to your new placement air conditioner to make it even more effective and efficient. Upgrades include zoning systems, programmable thermostats, air purifiers and filters, and dehumidifiers. Each of these items can enhance the various benefits of you air conditioner while continuing to make it energy efficient.

Lastly, if you’ve already paid for a number of repairs to keep your air conditioner running, it may be time to see if your money is better spent on a new replacement. It’s better to assess this need now rather than at a breakdown point.

Questions About Replacement? Speak to An Expert

Do you have questions about scheduling an air conditioning service in Humble before the summer is officially here? Call a KAC Express expert today and take advantage of our Free Estimate on Installations promotion!




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