Why Is My Air Conditioning System Leaking Water?

Why Is My Air Conditioning System Leaking Water?

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

During the regular operation of your air conditioner, you might hear the occasional sound of liquid moving inside it. This is a standard part of the heat exchange cycle that makes your AC able to provide the cool air that makes you comfortable during baking Texas weather. But water leaking out of the the unit isn’t normal, and indicates a problem somewhere inside your AC system. Water leaks can stain and ruin your carpet or furniture, and will also raise the humidity level inside your home. Don’t fall prey to a leaking AC unit!

We’ll go over reasons why an air conditioner might start leaking. Whatever the cause in your case, call on the Houston air conditioning professionals at KAC Express today before the problem gets worse.

The most common reason for water dripping from an AC is a clogged condensate drain. During the process of heat exchange, the condensation of water in an air conditioner develops into excess moisture. This is normal, and the water drips down into a condensate pan, where a drain removes it through a tube or pipe. However, like any drain, this one can become clogged—especially in humid weather that encourages bacterial growth. Because the condensate pan is usually only a few inches deep, a clogged drain can rapidly turn into overflow. Get an HVAC technician to remove the condensate pan, clean the drain, and reassemble the system before the leak causes more damage.

Another leaking problem that might occur because of the condensate drain is a loose connection between the drain and the drain line. If the line becomes disconnected because of age or improper initial installation, it will continue to leak water until it is repaired.

Something else to consider: that might not be water leaking from your AC. Damage to the interior of the unit can cause a leak in the vital refrigerant charge that handles the heat exchange. Although these chemicals aren’t flammable or immediately dangerous (unlike the earliest days of electric air conditioners, when the refrigerant was often ammonia or propane!), their loss will impair your AC’s efficiency. It will require a professional to repair the leak and recharge the refrigerant.

For the right expert help, you should turn to KAC Express. Our knowledge of Houston air conditioner repair needs is among the best you can find. To stop a leak before it does more damage, contact us today.




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