What Issues Does Heating Maintenance Address?

What Issues Does Heating Maintenance Address?

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A home heating system must have regular maintenance done once a year to make sure it works at its most effective, efficient, and malfunction-free. Without regular preventive maintenance, a heater cannot hope to reach its manufacturer’s expected lifespan. It may not even make it halfway! We’ll look at some of the issues maintenance addresses in a heater to help you see why regular tune-ups are so important.

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What issues maintenance addresses in a heater

  • Loss of energy efficiency: A heater ages as it works. As parts become more worn down, the system will exert increasing effort to maintain its normal operating level. This exertion means energy drain, and that translates into higher utility bills. During a maintenance inspection, a technician will spot places where a heater is undergoing excess wear. Adjustments, replacements, and cleaning will reduce the stress and return the heater to its most efficient level of performance.
  • Breakdown potential: A heater failing during a cold day is an extraordinary nuisance. But you are less likely to experience a breakdown with regular maintenance. Technicians look out for possible repair issues that may be developing, or ones that have already started but have gone unnoticed. The maintenance technician can sometimes make the necessary repairs on the spot; otherwise, he or she will recommend what you need to have done and help you schedule the work. With these preventive repairs, you’ll have greater peace of mind about your heater working through any cold spell.
  • Safety problems: This is especially germane for natural gas-powered heating systems, such as gas furnaces. Although gas heaters are not inherently dangerous (certainly nothing like their old reputation), the best way to keep them operating correctly is through a strict regimen of maintenance. A check-up and tune-up each year will help to spot any place in the unit where gas leaks or build-up could start, and then fix them. Safety issues apply for other types of heaters as well; electric heating systems with bad wiring can turn into fire hazards. Maintenance will catch these problems as well.

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