What Components in a Heat Pump Are Most Commonly Repaired?

What Components in a Heat Pump Are Most Commonly Repaired?

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Heating | 1 comment

Heat pumps see a lot of use in this part of the world, where their versatility pays dividends among homeowners. They serve as an air conditioner in the summer and a heater in the winter, employing the same basic technology for both functions. They’re easy to use and expend less energy than other types of HVAC systems. But like all appliances, heat pumps suffer breakdowns from time to time. In matters of heat pump repair, Kingwood TX has qualified technicians to help you. What components in a heat pump are most commonly repaired? We’ve included a brief list below.

  • The fan
    The fan blows conditioned air (either hot or cold) into your home until it reaches the temperature you desire. The fan can run into any manner of problems, from the motor to the fan belt to actual fan blades which may be bent of misaligned. Electrical problems can also affect the fan’s ability to blow, and thus the heat pump’s ability to do its job.
  • The refrigerant lines
    Refrigerant gas is used to facilitate the heating and cooling process, but it needs to appear in certain specific amounts for the heat pump to do its job. When it springs a leak through a breached line (or some similarly damaged part of the system), ice forms on the evaporator coils and the heating and cooling process is severely restricted.
  • Thermostat
    The thermostat allows you to control the heating and cooling cycle. When it malfunctions, the heat pump may turn on and off at inopportune times or fail to turn on at all. Components inside the thermostat may need to be repaired or the thermostat as a whole may be

Regardless of what components in a heat pump are most commonly repaired, you have a reliable source of help. When you’re in need of heat pump repair or other heating services in Kingwood, TX, homeowners can count on the experts at KAC Express. We have years of experience dealing with heat pump issues and we can get to the bottom of your problem with thoroughness and efficiency. Give us a call today to schedule a service call. You’ll be glad that you did!




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