The Importance Of Spring TX AC Tune-Ups

The Importance Of Spring TX AC Tune-Ups

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A spring AC tune-up is the ideal approach to get your air conditioner ready for the scorching heat of summer. The heat of summer is tougher on your air conditioner than the 24 Hours of Le Mans is on racing cars. Giving your HVAC system a thorough tune-up before it enters its busiest season of the year is a smart way to ensure that it will keep you cool and comfortable during the summer.

During the hottest months of the year in North Texas, the air conditioner seems to be on all the time. Your central HVAC system can run for over 3,300 hours per year on average, with the air conditioning taking up the majority of that time. Regular air conditioning maintenance may help you save money and help the environment by minimizing the chance of malfunctions, increasing efficiency, and extending the life of your machine.

We hear people say all too often that maintenance seems unnecessary or like a repeat service. This couldn’t be more untrue. Maintenance is essential for the continuing operation of your air conditioner as well as your comfort. Here are some of the reasons why it’s so fantastic and why you should do it right away

1. Tune-ups Increase HVAC Efficiency

Likely, your HVAC system hasn’t had a tune-up or inspection in a long time. Dirt and debris accumulate in, on, and around your air conditioning system as a result of regular use. Your HVAC system is put under more strain as it becomes dirtier. This not only damages your HVAC system but also raises your monthly electricity bills.

In a world when so many things are disposable, it’s good to know that modern air conditioners are built to last up to 15 years. However, central air conditioning, like anything mechanically complex, can fail. Individual air conditioner components can and do break down, resulting in system failure. Your air conditioning not cooling – is more likely to occur when you least expect it. That’s one reason a spring TX AC tune-up is valuable.

2. Spring HVAC Tune-up Can Prevent Emergency Repairs

Preventative maintenance is best performed before the summer season. If any repairs are required, your AC tune-up will reveal this. Repairing HVAC components early can save you money in the long run.  Leak detection is a primary cause of emergency appointments. Repairing the leak as soon as possible might save your compressor from failing, which is an expensive repair. Spring AC tune-ups will also help you avoid an AC system failure during the summer’s sweltering heat.

3. AC Tune-up Appointments are More Readily Available in the Spring

The summer is the busiest season for HVAC companies. The later it gets in the summer, or the hotter the summer temperatures, the more difficult it is to schedule an appointment for an air conditioning emergency. AC tune-ups may be postponed to accommodate more important repair appointments or emergency scenarios. In addition, throughout the summer, several HVAC repair businesses raise their prices for emergency/after-hours appointments. You can avoid paying for an appointment if you schedule your AC tune-up in the spring.

4. Improved Energy Efficiency

It is more likely for an air conditioner that has not been properly maintained to break down. However, even if the air conditioner is still operational, it may not be at peak efficiency. In that situation, it will have to work more and consume more energy to keep your home at a reasonable temperature. What about the energy consumption of an air conditioner? Quite a bit. According to the US Department of Energy, Americans spend around $29 billion per year to keep their houses cool. Air conditioning accounts for 12 percent of all energy expenses in the average US home, but it accounts for 27 percent in hot and humid places like North Texas.

5. Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Will be Improved

Your air conditioning system is responsible for more than just cooling the air in your home. The fundamental function of your air conditioner is to circulate the air in your home and remove dust and particles. Your air conditioner’s filter removes animal dander, dust mites, pollen, and bigger germs from the air. These contaminants will be removed by your AC filter, preventing them from re-entering your home’s air supply.

An HVAC professional can change the filters and inspect the system for pollutants and biological contaminants like mold and bacteria during an AC tune-up. This is significant since poor indoor air quality has a direct impact on people’s health and well-being. Poor indoor air quality has also been connected to what is now known as “sick building syndrome,” a phrase that refers to instances in which people living in the same building develop chronic illnesses as a result of poor indoor air quality.

6. An AC Tune-up Keeps Your HVAC System in Prime Condition

A well-maintained vehicle performs optimally. The same may be said for a well-kept air conditioning system. A professional AC tune-up ensures that your HVAC system is in top functioning order as you enter the season when it will be used the most.

7. Lack of Proper Maintenance Can Void Your Warranty

Most central air conditioning systems come with a five-year parts guarantee, and luckily, a well-maintained system is unlikely to use it. However, having such protection is still beneficial to homeowners. Most dealers offer 10-year or longer extended warranties, which are well worth considering.

However, if a warranty part fails, the manufacturer may want paperwork proving that your system has been properly maintained. To receive warranty servicing, most manufacturers require annual air conditioning maintenance. Your HVAC technician should provide documentation of maintenance service that you can keep with your records.


Preventive maintenance improves the performance and extends the life of all types of machines. Better performance and a longer lifespan for central air conditioners mean a double dose of savings for homes. More reasons to get an AC tune-up include saving the environment, increasing a home’s indoor air quality, and avoiding the hassle and expense of an unexpected breakdown.

Although an air conditioning tuneup can be performed later in the summer, the best time to do it is in the spring, before the summer heat arrives. A spring tune-up will give you peace of mind that your central air conditioning system is ready to keep your home cool when the weather becomes hot. The combination of a professional AC technician and routine maintenance will keep your air conditioner functioning efficiently for years to come.




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