Spring, TX Air Conditioning: What To Do Before You Turn Your AC on for the first time this summer

Spring, TX Air Conditioning: What To Do Before You Turn Your AC on for the first time this summer

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

Spring is here and summer is coming soon! You’ll soon need to run your air conditioning system every single day. Because your AC has probably been fairly dormant over the last couple months it would probably be a good idea to get it inspected and checked out before you just start running it all the time. At KAC Express, we provide complete Spring, TX air conditioning maintenance for all types and brands of systems. Our technicians have years of experience and can help you keep your system working well. Here are a few of the things that you can get done to your AC before the summer season hits us.

Get Spring, TX Air Conditioning Maintenance

Probably the best things that you can do for your air conditioning system is to get it regularly inspected and maintained by a professional contractor. Getting this service done has many huge benefits—especially after a season of inactivity. Here at KAC Express, our technicians are highly trained to detect small problems before they turn into larger ones. If your AC system has developed any problems over the winter or if it has collected dust, dirt or even rodents inside of it our technicians will clean it out and make sure that it works well throughout the whole summer. Not only can this increase the effectiveness of your air conditioning system, it could also potentially reduce the need for costly repairs and extend the life of your equipment. For any Spring, TX air conditioning maintenance that you need call KAC Express.

What Happen During Air Conditioning Maintenance

We’re not sure what other companies do, but here at KAC Express we perform a thorough inspection and cleaning on every component of your air conditioning system. We inspect the coils to make sure that they haven’t been damaged and that they’re clean. We check the refrigerant levels to make sure that you have just the right amount. We also make sure that your fans are working well, that the bearings are lubricated and that the belts are in good working order. We also check the compressor and compressor motor to ensure that it isn’t leaking and that the motor is operating correctly. We do many other tasks as well to make sure that your air conditioning system will start right up when you need it to and that it will keep you comfortable.

Call KAC Express for Spring, TX air conditioning maintenance.




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