Size Matters When It Comes to Your Air Conditioner, and Here’s Why

Size Matters When It Comes to Your Air Conditioner, and Here’s Why

by | Oct 18, 2013 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

Air conditioning installation in Atascocita, TX involves a lot of factors, starting with our hot weather and the best way to deal with it. Different air conditioning models can address different needs, ranging from traditional centralized air conditioners to heat pumps to ductless mini-split systems of various kinds. But regardless of the kind of air conditioner you install, there are still certain immutable factors you need to consider beforehand. Among the biggest? The size of the unit, and by that we mean the amount of power it generates to cool the air.

Size matters when it comes to your air conditioner and here’s why.

Size plays a tremendous role in the overall efficiency of your air conditioner. The more efficient the unit, the less energy it expends in order to cool your home. Obviously, an air conditioning unit that lacks the power to cool your whole house is going to struggle on that front. It won’t be able to get the temperature down to an acceptable level and cost you plenty in monthly energy bills to boot. So getting an AC unit that isn’t large enough is pretty much a non-starter.

It may surprise homeowners to learn that similar problems crop up when an AC unit is larger than necessary. More power might seem to be more effective, but if the air conditioner cools the air too quickly, then it will cycle on and off rapidly throughout the day. It takes more energy to constantly turn on and off than it does to run steadily for the same time period, and a reliable air conditioner should run for at least fifteen minutes before shutting off again. If your AC unit is too large, it will undergo a great deal of unnecessary wear and tear, as well as costing you money in your monthly electric bills.

The key is following what we like to call the Goldilocks model: neither too large nor too small but just right. In that sense, it pays to work with an expert like the people at KAC Express. We handle air conditioning installation in Atascocita, TX, and other communities in the Houston area. We can take all factors of your house into account – including insulation and sun exposure as well as square footage – then recommend an air conditioner that fits your needs perfectly. Size matters when it comes to your air conditioner. Call us today and let us find the right one for you!




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