Problems Caused by a Faulty Condenser

Problems Caused by a Faulty Condenser

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A home’s central air conditioner is a “split system” that consists of two units, one housed inside and hooked up to the ventilation system, and the other housed outside. The outside unit is known as the condenser, and in this post we will examine problems that can occur with your AC because of malfunctions in the condenser.

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Condenser Operation

The job of the condenser is to release heat to the outside. The indoor evaporator unit absorbs heat from the inside air, and the refrigerant carries it to the condenser. There, as the refrigerant moves across the condensing coil, condensation occurs and heat is released outdoors. Without proper condenser operation, the heat exchange cycle necessary for cooling cannot occur effectively.

What Can Go Wrong With the Condenser?

Because the condenser is located outside, it is more susceptible to damage from debris than the indoor unit. Rocks, gravel, leaves, and sometimes whole tree branches can fall into a condenser unit and cause serious damage. The most common kind of injury the condenser can sustain from particle infiltration is to the blower fan. Bent fan blades will cause the fan to start striking the casing and spread damage. The blower performs the function of drawing outdoor air across the condenser coils, which is necessary to facilitate condensation and heat release. Without a properly working fan, condensation will drop—and so will cooling.

The blower motor can also sustain damage, and dirt across the unit can cause it to begin to wear down rapidly until it burns out. Failed motors need to be replaced.

The condenser unit also houses the most important component of an air conditioner: the compressor. The compressor sends the refrigerant through the system; if it should break, the air conditioner will not function at all. Compressors can fail for a number of reasons, such as overheating and low refrigerant. This is the most expensive component of an air conditioner to fix or replace, and when a compressor dies, it usually means the whole outdoor condenser unit will need replacement.

At the first sign of trouble with the condenser, you should call for professional assistance. Any change in the cooling ability of the system could stem from condenser malfunctions. Check the condenser unit to see if it is making any strange noises, or if the compressor is turning on for a short time and then shutting off (“short cycling”). The system needs repairs quickly, or the trouble will spread and create further repair problems or possibly cause the air conditioner to break down.

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