My Air Conditioning Just Got Really Loud: What’s Wrong?

My Air Conditioning Just Got Really Loud: What’s Wrong?

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

If you run your air conditioning regularly, you’ve probably gotten used to the sounds it makes. Fans and motors kick in every time the system starts, and you may associate the noises with the cool, comfortable air flow that normally follows.

In Humble, TX, air conditioning is a fact of life, especially during the hot, muggy summers. When your AC begins making loud noises that you’re not accustomed to, it usually signals a significant issue. You’ll want an expert to examine your system and determine the nature of the loud noise as soon as you can.

The following is a list of potential issues that may cause unusual noises; it’s not exhaustive, but it may help you spot the source of the problem.

  • Air leaks. A leak in the duct system or somewhere in the air conditioning unit itself may create a hissing or a whistling noise.
  • Electrical shorts. A buzzing noise suggests an electrical short somewhere in the system: connections, houses and/or compressor relay switches.
  • Loose components. A loose component can grind up against another components, especially a fan or some similar piece of moving equipment. This can result in a loud grinding or buzzing noise. Turn off your air conditioning immediately if you hear this kind of noise in order to prevent further damage.
  • Fan noises. The fans and/or blower assembly may make squeaking noises, rattling noises, or similar sounds. Because the fans tend to move very quickly, you should shut off the system rather than risking more heavy damage to the components.
  • Condenser noises. Noises in the condenser unit can range from a slow bubbling (indicating a refrigerant leak), to a banging (loose connection), a buzzing (failing motor) or a rattling (loose components).

Regardless of the unusual noise, it pays to shut off you air conditioning system and call in a professional to make sure there is no more damage. Contact the Humble, TX air conditioning experts at KAC Express to schedule an appointment, and let us hunt down the source of those mysterious noises.




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