How to Prevent Air Conditioning Repairs This Summer

How to Prevent Air Conditioning Repairs This Summer

by | May 2, 2014 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

Summer puts air conditioning in Spring, TX to a serious test. If you AC isn’t prepared for the summer, it will likely suffer from repair needs at some point, or even experience a full breakdown that leaves you sweating it out until assistance arrives.

The air conditioning team at KAC Express wants you to have a pleasant summer at home, and we offer the AC maintenance and repair work to help you. However, we know you would rather not need to call for repairs, so here are a few ways you can avoid summer problems with your air conditioner:

Schedule your AC’s annual maintenance visit

Maintenance is the essential step to avoid repairs. Maintenance is essential for an air conditioner for a number of reasons (prolonging its service life, retaining its energy efficiency). But preventing debilitating malfunctions or a complete and inconvenient breakdown is the most pressing and urgent reason to schedule it every year. If your air conditioner already has repair issues that need attention, maintenance will catch them. If your air conditioner has stress and strain on its components that can lead to imminent repair needs, maintenance will fix it. After a professional tune-up and inspection, you will have precious peace of mind about your air conditioner making it through the summer without trouble.

Lessen the amount of work the AC must do

An air conditioner is not the only way to keep yourself cool during the summer, and with the use of fans, open windows, and a reduction in use of heat-generating appliances, you can lower how much you need to have the air conditioner run. The less the AC needs to run during the summer, the less stress it will endure and the less chance it will develop repair trouble. You can also reduce the amount of work the air conditioner does when it is running by maintaining a higher thermostat setting: don’t push the AC down to the lowest temperature, center it around 72°F and keep it there.

Change the air filter every month

This is a part of maintenance that you can do on your own. The air filter for the AC protects its interior from damage due to debris entering the return vents. But if it becomes clogged, it will choke off the airflow into the unit, which places extra stress on it and can lead to the development of frost along the indoor coils. Debris can also start breaking through if the filter becomes damaged from clogs. Change the filter for a new one every month during the summer and for as long as the AC runs regularly.

Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot avoid repairs no matter how many precautions you take. To lower the problems from malfunctions, call for professional repairs as soon as you can.

KAC Express can handle the work on your air conditioning in Spring, TX that will help it through to the fall. Contact us to sign up for maintenance or to arrange for repairs.




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