How to Keep Your House Warm and Save Energy This Winter

How to Keep Your House Warm and Save Energy This Winter

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Energy Savings | 1 comment

If winter is here can spring be far behind?

Spring may not be far behind but till the time winter is here, let’s make the most of it. Let not the chilly weather get the better of you. You can get the perfect balance of the winter’s chill outside and the warmth and comfort inside.

How to do it without spending a large amount on electricity bills?

Well, the energy consumption takes a toll on us in winters. The need to keep oneself warm coincides with the hefty electricity bills. Not just that, energy conservation should be on the mind of every conscious citizen.

Now the question comes, how? There are myriad ways by which one can save energy, yet keep your house cozy and warm this winter.

The strategies may differ in nature but they aim at the same result-conservation of energy. So here we go!

1. Shut all the house openings

 The most organic way to keep your house warm is to shut all openings from where the cold air can penetrate. Just leave some room for ventilation, and you are good to go!

Further, insulate or air-seal your homes. In the scorching cold, hang warm blankets along the wall, replace them with your curtains. This is a natural way of keeping the house warm. This will not only prevent the cold breeze from entering your house but also won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Also, shutting the doors doesn’t mean that you can’t allow the sun to peep inside your rooms. On a sunny day, let the sun do its deed. Turn your house bright and warm by letting the sunrays in from west-and–south-facing windows. Just remember to draw the curtains at night and have a sound sleep.

2. Programmable Thermostat

Another way to save energy is making the best use of technology. What better than a Programmable Thermostat! It will automatically reduce the waste heat when you’re not around or away and amp it up when you’re back. Technology got your back!

To keep your house warm in style, you can always layer it. Right from the floor to your beds, layering always works. You can cover the cold floor of your house with warm yet stylish rugs. Similarly, one layer of blanket instead of a bed sheet will work wonders to keep you warm and snuggly. You can then layer it with one or more than one quilt or a warmer blanket .This will ensure that you are absolutely comfortable and warm.

3. Kitchen Oven

The winter season comes along with a lot of festivals. Christmas, being everybody’s favorite, gives you a lot of opportunities to try your hands on different delicacies. I don’t just mean gobbling them down but also baking them. Reminds me of that delicious plum cake. 

Baking not only relaxes you but is yet another cost effective way to keep your house, particularly, your kitchen warm. Oven can serve as a heater for your kitchen and when it is turned off.

Yes, you heard it right, it is the oven. It will not just help you warm or bake your food but also keep your kitchen warm. After using the oven, switch it off. Just make sure that you leave the door of the oven open. The flow of heat from kitchen will slowly pave its way into the nearest room. Caution!! Avoid this step if you have children, pets or elderly at home.

 4. Steam Sauna

Steam sauna is an enticing way to relax your body and keep your body warm. I bet you didn’t know that it can be used to battle dry winter air as well. All you got to do it is to leave the door of your shower area open. The hot steam will make its way and flow through the house.

5. Dynamic bath tub

Talking about showers, how can one forget the dynamic bath tub? Who doesn’t love to take hot showers in winters? The only thing to avoid after taking a shower is to not drain the hot water in it. Have patience! Let it cool. The hot water will help you get complementary heat in the home; you’ll have hot water stored for reuse in case of emergency. Innovative, cost effective and helps you save water as well.

6. Ceiling fans

Furthermore, ceiling fans can be used in winters to help move warm air downward. What exactly am I referring to?? Note-reverse the motion of your ceiling fans to clockwise and it the job will be done.  Want to revamp your house floor?? Radiant floor heating, is a great option, be it electric or hydronic. Radiant heating involves installing electric coils under your home’s floor. According to U.S. Department of Energy, RFH can cut your energy consumption from 25 to 50 percent. Now that’s some cost-effective strategy, isn’t it?

7. Hot water bottle

The simplest way to warm up your bed can be the use of hot water bottle. Just keep it underneath the blanket to warm your feet and legs: an ancient yet effective way that is used by one and all.  But did you know that even the process of boiling water in a tea pot or a kettle can keep the kitchen warm? While boiling your favorite tea or coffee or piping hot water for green tea, ensure that you remove the lid of the kettle. The steam will help you warm up the kitchen.

8. Fireplace at home

 Having a fireplace at home is the most romantic thing ever. Sit in front of the fireplace and sip your favorite beverage. A fireplace will not just lighten up your mood and prep you up for a date but will also let your beloved feel the literal warmth on a winter day.

If you have an attic at home, make sure that it is very well insulated. Covering it thoroughly will help you prevent the heat loss, thereby, keeping your house warm.

9. Chimney at home

An unused chimney at home? Don’t open its flue and draft. Ensure that they are closed. Reason? Open chimneys tend to suck heat from your home. Hamper the opening of the chimney to prevent any heat loss. If you have a chimney and are not using it, make sure its flue and draft (if it has both) are closed.




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