How to Keep an Old Furnace Running Efficiently

How to Keep an Old Furnace Running Efficiently

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Heating | 1 comment

Here in Jersey Village, TX, gas furnace technology remains a staple for heating in most homes. Forced-air furnaces are inexpensive, reliable and easy to operate and maintain, making them a boon for homeowners hoping to stay warm during the winter. Furnaces suffer breakdowns just like any other appliances, and most repair services will happily install a new unit for you if your old one is falling down on the job. Before you pull the trigger on an expensive purchase, however, you may appreciate a few tips on how to keep an old furnace running efficiently. You’d be surprised how much mileage you can get out of one with just a little care.

At the top of the list stands regular maintenance sessions from a qualified professional. This isn’t the same as a repair session. It’s more of a tune-up, in which the technician cleans dirty components, replaces loose bolts and fittings, and looks for big problems while they’re still relatively small. The older your furnace gets, the more frequently you should schedule such sessions, but they can pay big dividends. Not only do they let you get a jump on potential issues before they get out of hand, but the TLC will reduce friction and wear on the heater’s internal components. That helps it last longer and run more efficiently without incurring the cost of a serious repair.

In addition, you might want to look into upgrades for your system to help it run more smoothly. For example, a qualified technician can install a zone control system in your furnace, allowing you to keep the heat on in one room and shut it off in others. That reduces the stress on your furnace as well as allowing you to tailor the temperature in different sections of your house to match individual needs.

For more on how to keep an old furnace running efficiently, or to schedule a maintenance session, call on the professionals at KAC Express for help. Gas furnace technology is a cornerstone of our business, and we can provide expert HVAC system services in Jersey Village, TX to keep your warhorse running at its peak. Give us a call today to schedule and appointment and let us show you what we can do!




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