How Often Should I Get an Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

How Often Should I Get an Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

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If you live anywhere in the hotter climates of the United States, then you recognize the importance of having an efficient air conditioning system during the warm summer months.  An AC unit is essential to staying cool and comfortable all season long, no matter how high the temperature rises outside. 

But an AC unit is a complex system that must be maintained in order to work efficiently.  An AC tune-up or regular air conditioner maintenance in Spring, Texas is a must to keep your system functioning for many years to come.  But how often should you get an AC tune-up?

Annual Maintenance Checks

It is recommended that you schedule a regular AC tune-up from a reputable AC company in Spring, Texas about once a year. Annual maintenance checks usually take place in the spring, right before the weather begins to heat up.  During an annual tune-up, a local air conditioning company in Spring, Texas will send out experienced technicians to analyze all parts of the air conditioner. 

The technician carefully evaluates all the hoses, belts, filters, and moving parts that are necessary to make an AC unit run efficiently.  Should the technician notice a problem, they can recommend a repair.  They can usually repair the problem right then and there should you request it. 

After the maintenance check is finished, you can have peace of mind to know that your AC unit is ready to function optimally all summer long, keeping you cool in the midst of the heat. 

KAC Express offers air conditioning repairs in Spring, Texas to keep your AC unit at optimal performance.  Should your AC unit needs more and more costly repairs or stop working completely, our team of experts can also offer air conditioner replacement in Spring, Texas.  Our priority is keeping you comfortable all summer long.

Do I Have to Have a Tune-Up Every Year?

Most of the time, a tune-up every year is recommended.  But if you have a newer home or you are in an area where you don’t use the air conditioner very often, you could probably get away with not scheduling maintenance as often.  However, you never want to be left out in the heat without a working air conditioner.  Sometimes it’s just better to be safe than sorry.

When to Schedule Additional Tune-ups

If you have an older unit, one tune-up a year may not be enough.  It is recommended that older units receive a checkup two or three times a year to ensure that everything is in proper working order. 

If you have respiratory issues such as asthma, it can also be a good idea to schedule additional maintenance checks each year.  Cleaning the air filter and AC system can help eliminate dust and debris in the house that can aggravate asthma or other respiratory symptoms. 

If you are unsure how often to schedule a tune-up, contact a local AC company in Spring, Texas.  KAC Express is happy to help with all your Spring, Texas air conditioning replacement or AC repair.  Give us a call today for more information. 

Why is It important to Tune-up Your AC?

A comfortable environment is what everybody seeks. Summers can really be unbearable if your AC starts to malfunction. To prevent the scorching heat play its wrath on you, it’s essential to get you AC tuned-up. There are plenty of reasons to do the same.

The first thing your well-tuned AC will do is that it’ll ensure it saves you from the extreme heat. Also, maintaining your AC unit prevents it from losing its efficiency. Not doing the same can damage the AC by 5%. Another benefit of getting your AC unit is that it fixes the minor damages that could prove to be a complicated problem later.

It also means that the money spent for the tune-up can be recovered in just a matter of a year because of the high efficiency. Once the efficiency is improved, it automatically cuts on the hard word done by the AC to compensate for its malware.

It works in its best condition and also cuts down the hefty electricity bills. It’s always better to go for tune-ups rather than replacing your AC units as they prove to make a huge hole in your pocket.

What should be the Frequency of Tune-Ups?

If you ask the professionals, you need to get your AC unit tuned-up at least a year. You need not suspect anything to fix that appointment for the annual maintenance; it is always better to get it checked every year so that it can utilize its maximum potential.

The yearly tune-up also cleans the AC unit since, over the period of time, it easily accumulates dirt and debris which takes a toll on the efficiency of your AC unit, making it slow and low on efficiency.

Signals and Signs That Help You Know That your AC Needs a Tune-up

Before collapsing totally, the AC unit just like any other machine gives certain signs that should not be ignored. They are easy to look into and cost-effective. They are light on your pocket as well as your AC system. A simple example of the same can be leakage from the refrigerant.

A minor problem can prevent a major failure in the longer run.   So other than just the annual ritual of getting the AC unit tuned up, there are some warning signs and signals that your system gives you that you certainly must follow.

The initial sign that tells you that your AC has started to mess up is that it makes weird noises. The screeching of the machine is an explanation enough that some part of the system is problematic. It wouldn’t make all those terrible noises if it is in good condition.

Another prominent sign is the bad performance of the unit. If you’ve ever noticed your AC taking a lot of time to get things cooled down, that means there is something not right with the system. The third sign would be that of the electricity bill. Not in regular circumstances does one get a whopping amount of electricity bill. It could just mean two things :

either you have overused the AC or the system is using more power. Who would like to pay the exorbitant amount if you could certainly pay less. To save the bucks and for the proper functioning of the AC unit, it is only wise to get the AC tuned-up.

Are the Annual Tune-ups Costly?

It is the most common question and often worries the clients. If you go by only the regular inspections, then it is not that costly as it may look like. In fact, the price that one has to pay for these maintenance checkups are petty that one has to pay if the AC system fails due to prolonged neglecting of the problem.

As it is, the AC tune-ups recover the money owing to the factory-like settings that the AC unit gets to post the tune-ups. Even the repairs which are extremely costly in nature are prevented as the filter gets clean or even replaced which can further lead to accumulation of debris. So if you are looking for a complete AC unit makeover, go for the tune-ups even if your system is functioning well.

You never know, the problems might just be latent. Depending on the age and the problem of the AC unit, the prices of AC tune-ups vary. But they do uncover potential problems and increases the life of your AC unit.

All in all, timely tune-ups increase the longevity of the AC unit, cute down on the utility bills, boosts the efficiency of the system, cleans the system, gives smooth finishing at an affordable price while maintaining that you get respite from the devilish heat in summers. The tune-ups are savior for the system and for your pocket.




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