How Furnace Repair Can Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

How Furnace Repair Can Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Heating | 1 comment

Furnaces are a staple of most homes in the Houston area, providing cozy, comfortable temperatures when the thermometer starts to drop. But furnaces can also serve a secondary function by keeping your air clean and filtered, preventing the spread of dust and other contaminants in the process. When it comes to furnace repair, Houston residents have a lot of options to call upon. Regardless of who you call, however, a repair session can do more than just restore heat to your home. Here’s how furnace repair can affect your indoor air quality.

The most common effect of a repair session on indoor air quality is a gradual cleaning of the air. Forced-air furnace rely on fans and ducts to circulate hot air through your home. When components in the furnace get dirty or the air filter gets clogged, the process can spread dust throughout your home via the ducts. A repair session will clean up those dusty components and indeed, the dirt and build-up can often lead to the repair call in the first place when it clogs or shuts down a key component.

Furthermore, a repair session can often eliminate the source of dirty air, such as when a leak has sprung up in the system and needs to be addressed. Removing the dust from the ducts and other parts of the system only treats the symptoms. Unless the source of the dust is addressed, the furnace will just gather more dirt and the problem will reappear again in short order.

In the most dangerous scenarios, furnace repair can actually be a life saver. Furnaces run on gas which produce toxic byproducts in the course of the heating process. Usually, those gases are safely vented out of your house. A clog in the vents or a crack in the heat exchanger can create a dangerous situation with those gases, which is why you need a repair technician to come out immediately upon detecting such problems.

Once you know how furnace repair can affect your indoor air quality, the next step is easy. Just give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

For furnace repair, air duct cleaning, and other indoor air quality services, Houston residents depend on KAC Express to help keep their air clean in the home.




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