How Does Ductless Heating Save Money?

How Does Ductless Heating Save Money?

by | Jan 18, 2014 | Heating | 1 comment

Ductless mini splits have long been popular in business, but they now have a significant presence in homes as well. Ductless mini splits are basically heat pumps that use multiple wall-mounted blower units placed around a house to send heated air (or cooled air, during the summer) directly into rooms instead of sending it through ducts from a central indoor unit. Each of the blower units is hooked up through cables and refrigerant coils to the large outdoor unit.

Aside from saving space and allowing freer design of a home, ductless heating in Humble, TX can also lead to significant savings. We’ll explain some of the monetary benefits of ductless heating, which will compensate you many times over the original price of their installation.

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Ways ductless mini splits save money

  • No need for duct sealing/repair: With a furnace or a standard heat pump, ductwork can be a significant source of repair. Leaks and breaks along the ducts will cause a drop in air pressure and the need for professional service. Ductless systems remove a major construction component of a heat pump and also remove one of their main sources of repairs.
  • No need to heat the whole house at once: Because ductless mini splits use individual blowers, they do not need to heat the whole house each time they come on. You only need to heat the parts of the house that you are actually using. If there are some rooms, such as extra bedrooms or guest rooms, that receive very little use, you don’t need to waste money heating them. This can lead to significant savings. (And it applies to cooling the house as well.)
  • No need for duct cleaning: Hand-in-hand with repair problems for ducts is the trouble with keeping them clean. Most ductwork requires annual an air duct cleaning service to make sure a dirt build-up won’t harm the heater or negatively affect the indoor air quality. Without ducts, you have yet another chore you don’t have to worry about—or pay for.

Call for professional installation

Ductless mini splits require experts to install, and even though they don’t need ducts, they still require planning. Don’t turn to amateurs: call the professionals at KAC Express. We install many different heating systems in Humble, TX, and we can make your ductless mini split installation fast and efficient. Call us today to get started.




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