How Air Conditioning Systems Work

How Air Conditioning Systems Work

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As a homeowner, knowing the basics of how your air conditioning system works is a great way to be able to recognize when it’s having problems. There are a few common problems that you can look for and knowing how the parts work together can help you be able to see those issues. Call the Houston air conditioning repair professionals at KAC Express if you’ve started to notice problems with your AC. We wanted to put together a short explanation of how your air conditioning system works.

How to Move Heat

Your air conditioning system has one job: move heat from inside of your house to the outside. It seems pretty simple but the process is actually pretty complex. There are a few critical components involved that allow your AC to accomplish this.

The Refrigerant Coils

Your AC uses a refrigerant that it circulates through two different series of coils. Inside your home is a heat pump that blows warm air over the evaporator coils. The refrigerant in those coils absorb the heat and carry it outside.

Outside your home is a condensing unit with another set of coils. Your condenser blows outside air over the coils to remove the heat from the refrigerant.

The Compressor

Inside the heat pump in your home are the evaporator coils. Evaporation makes things cold. The reason your body sweats is so that it can cool down when the beads of sweat evaporate. The evaporator coils in your home operate on a similar principle. As the refrigerant evaporates in the coils they will become cold and absorb heat from the air passing over them. The compressor in the outside unit makes that evaporation possible.

If you need any kind of Houston air conditioning services call the friendly professionals at KAC Express. We have years of experience working with all different components of air conditioning systems. If your AC is blowing warm air or if it isn’t deliver enough cooling call the Houston air conditioning repair pros at KAC Express.




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