Houston TX Air Conditioning by KAC Express

Houston TX Air Conditioning by KAC Express

by | Feb 25, 2013 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

It’s about time to start running your air conditioning system in Houston! We are in the 70’s and will soon be in the 80’s and you will want to make sure you are happy with your current AC system.

When you need residential or commercial air conditioning in Houston, you need flexible and dependable service done right the first time. Call KAC Express Air Conditioning for all of your Houston air conditioning needs. We install, repair and maintain air conditioners, ductless mini split systems and heat pumps. Whatever type of AC system you have and whatever service you need, the Houston air conditioning experts at KAC Express offer exceptional services. Call us today!

Determining the most energy efficient option for air conditioning in Houston is not as straightforward as it may seem. Depending on the type of system you want, the size of your living or working space and your budget, the efficiency of your system can vary. Other factors include the cost of utilities in the area, the integrity of your current ductwork, and environmental impact. Here are some things to consider when looking for energy efficient options for air conditioning in Houston:

  • Ducts or no ducts? Most homes have some kind of ductwork. Forced air distribution is the conventional method of cooling your home. It is typically connected to an air conditioning unit which blows cool air through the various areas of your living space. Ductless mini splits are individual units that cool a certain space of your home, which can be divided into zones. It allows you to control different areas of your home, and can help you use energy more efficiently.
  • When should I replace my air conditioner? This depends on how old it is, the quality of its mechanical components, and how well it is currently running. If it is a unit that is still under warranty, then it may be worth taking advantage of that. Moreover, if it is a unit that is nearly 20 years old, and will need to be replaced soon anyway, you might want to consider upgrading to a more energy efficient air conditioning unit.

For more information about air conditioning in Houston, or how your home can use energy more efficiently, call a KAC Express technician today.




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