Home Tips: 4 Top Ways to Prepare Your Air Conditioning for the Summer (While Saving Money)

Home Tips: 4 Top Ways to Prepare Your Air Conditioning for the Summer (While Saving Money)

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Blog, Energy Savings | 1 comment

Get a head start on the summer weather by preparing your air conditioning for the hot and humid days ahead. With these fool proof tips, you are sure to enjoy a summer which is cool, comfortable, and more importantly saves your hard-earned money. After all, according to the US Department of Energy, heating and cooling your home will take up more that 54% of your utility bills.

For maximum performance, these checks should be done in early spring and before the heat has descended, but late is better than never!

  • Check your attic insulation – A properly insulated home reduces your summer cooling bills as it keeps your air-conditioned air inside your home. However, many homes have been built with inadequate attic insulation. This needs to be checked at the start of each summer to ensure it has not broken down significantly.
  • Seal the indoor air leaks – In the summer, cooled air can leak through the shell of your home. This is one of the most common causes of air conditioning system inefficiencies. Problem areas can include doors, windows, electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and faucets. In some cases, these might need to be sealed.
  • Check or change your filter – You should already be changing your filters regularly, but it is a good idea to install a new one before running your air conditioner this summer. Dirty filters can restrict the airflow and reduce your air conditioner’s energy efficiency.
  • Clear the area around your air conditioner – Much like a dirty air filter, obstructions around your outdoor air conditioning unit can restrict airflow to your cooling system, causing increased workload and decreased efficiency.
  • Block out the sun – During the summer, sunrays can be brutal. If you are out during the day, you can obstruct the sunlight from your living space. Shut your window coverings as this will also add a layer of insulation.

Essentially, preparation has to be made as sweltering temperatures are just around the corner and as they say, forewarned is forearmed. Don’t be caught in the heat with a non-working AC unit, but instead, prepare wisely by following the tips above to enjoy a cool and brisk summer.




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