Here’s Why You Should Replace Your Heater

Here’s Why You Should Replace Your Heater

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Heating | 1 comment

Heating replacement in Humble TX is a serious consideration, both as an investment in your home and as a way of keeping warm when temperatures start to drop. With maintenance and care, a good furnace system can last you many years, but eventually, you have to think about replacing it with a new one. Specific reasons vary, but some common trends emerge over time.

Here’s why you should replace your heater.

  • Costs are rising too high. If your old heater keeps breaking down, the costs of repairs may easily outweigh the investment in a new system. And it doesn’t need to break down in order to pinch your pocketbook. The rising inefficiency of an older unit may be reflected in your monthly heating bills. If they continue to rise despite the fact that you aren’t using your heater any more than normal, you may want to think about a new system.
  • You’d like to see new features in your heater. A new heater can utilize such features as a zone control system (which lets you only heat the areas of the house you’re using at the time) or a programmable thermostat (which lets you automatically turn the heat off and on at set points in the day), which your old heater might not have.
  • Your current heater is very old. While an old heater isn’t necessarily a reason to get a new one, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends replacing any heater that’s more than 10 years old. When couple with other factors, such as multiple breakdowns or a lack of extra features, it may be enough to convince you to install a new one.
  • Resale value. A new heater can improve the resale value on your home, making it more enticing to buyers when and if you decide to sell.

If you know why you should replace your heater and need some expert consultation, KAC Express is here to help. We handle heating replacements of all kinds in Humble, TX and can guide you on the ins and outs of new units before scheduling a professional installation. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!




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