Ductwork Condensation Can Damage Your Home

Ductwork Condensation Can Damage Your Home

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Air Conditioning, Blog, HVAC, Indoor Air Quality | 1 comment

When condensation builds up in different areas of your home, it can do a decent amount of structural damage. And when that condensation reaches your ductwork, it will quickly turn into mold and mildew, and prevent your HVAC from performing in prime condition. The longer you wait to call in the pros to take care of the situation the more damage can be done to both your home and your AC unit.

An AC installation in Spring TX isn’t always the solution when you have ductwork condensation unless the unit is having issues beyond the water buildup. The experts will let you know if you need an air conditioning installation or if you simply need more insulation for the excess water. Here are a few things that you can do to when you notice that you have ductwork condensation.

Call an Expert in to Check Out Your Ductwork

The first thing you should do when you think you need air duct restoration is give the pros a call to inspect your unit and crawl space. In some cases the damage won’t be as bad as you think, while in other instances you’ll want to get the job handled immediately to prevent future costs and damage from occurring. Let them diagnose the situation in the beginning so that you don’t end up wasting any time and money on services you don’t need.

Schedule an Air Duct Repair

If you can see the visual signs that your central air conditioner has developed condensation in and around the ductwork, then a repair will be necessary. When you call to schedule the air duct repair, KAC Express will be able to answer any questions you have. You can also have your HVAC unit serviced to prevent future repairs. An AC repair in Spring, TX is more affordable than you think, and the best companies will have payment options that fits most budgets.

Invest in an Air Duct Replacement

Home air duct replacement for heating and air will be necessary the longer you have your HVAC unit. Just because you got a brand new unit doesn’t always mean that the ductwork was replaced depending on the company that did the installation. If the damage is minor, a repair will be a fine solution. However, as your ductwork ages, you should consider a replacement, and always be sure that you change your filters to prevent simple fixes like this!




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