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Nothing can be more exasperating than dealing with the scorching heat and all the sweat and pain it brings along. What is even more annoying is that your Air conditioning unit succumbs and does nothing to give you the comfortable ambience you deserve and the cooling effect is almost negligible.

Just like one must prepare ourselves to tackle any situation, similarly before the brutal summers set in, our air conditioning unit must prepare itself too so that it can protect us from the harsh rays. Many a time we simply ignore or don’t realize the warning signs given to us by the unit.

These signs need immediate attention followed by repair. So how do we know that our AC is about to malfunction?? There are a few warning signs that help us know better and understand the problem that needs to be fixed.

The Obvious:

No Cooling: What can be more obvious than the sign that the AC fails to do the work it is meant for.  Ensure that the thermostat is on cooling mode. At times, something can be blocking the regular airflow or the compressor can be faulty.

Little or No Airflow :

You might to call a professional if the air flow in your house is experiencing little or no airflow at all. You can turn on your air conditioner and place your hand near a vent and find out if the air flow is reduce or not.

Unwanted Sounds:

A very common sign that we tend to ignore can be a huge answer to the question “Do you need AC Repair?” Rattling, squeaking or any other never heard before sound that your AC makes all of a sudden needs attention. There is no harm in scheduling an appointment with a professional and sharing your AC woes with him.


Your AC needs a repair if it is not keeping you cool and dry. A well functioning AC means that you are not only cool but also enjoy the ambience without any humidity.

Soaring Electricity Bills:

If your house electricity bills see a drastic rise, it means that your AC has some issue that needs to be looked into. Call for help to ensure that the AC is used to its maximum potential, without taking a toll on your budget.

Unnecessary Leakage :

You wouldn’t want to find yourself amidst a watery mess when your AC runs. If you see a puddle of water right below your AC, it is a sign that the AC unit demands a checkup or repair.

Unwanted Odors:

When some unwanted bacteria accumulates in the air conditioner’s duct, it can pave way for unwanted or unusual odors that can be disturbing and obnoxious.  You may calla professional to see if the air conditioner unit needs a repair or simply cleaning.

Repairing or maintenance check is always a good idea if you want a smooth functioning AC to give you a comfortable and serene ambience. Any kind of problem can be fixed if we evaluate the signs and leave it on the professional to diagnose it. 




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