Consider Installing a New Type of Furnace

Consider Installing a New Type of Furnace

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You’re considering at last replacing your old reliable furnace because it has become not-so-reliable. If a furnace has exceeded its manufacturer’s lifetime expectancy and is experiencing increased repair needs or a decreased level of performance, then replacement installation is the best choice.

However, during the years that you had your current furnace, technology for heating has made some tremendous advances. When you want to install a new furnace, you have more choices than before—and perhaps it’s time to try something new. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the directions you can go with a new heating installation in Humble, TX.

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Picking a New Type of Furnace

The big question for installing a new furnace is whether you want to switch fuel types. If you’ve used a gas powered furnace, what about going electric? If you’ve had an electric furnace, what about gas powered? There are often good reasons for making the switch, either direction.

Using a gas furnace depends on having a gas line from a municipal source. If you’ve used an electric furnace but had a new gas line connected to your house during that time, you should give serious consideration to installing a gas furnace for a replacement. Gas is a less expensive energy source than electric, and you can often save large amounts on your gas bill if you make the change.

What about going from gas to electric? There are reasons to consider this as well—and electricity is always an option for any home. Electric furnaces usually last longer and require less intensive maintenance and repairs to keep them running than gas furnaces. Also, they are safer than gas furnaces, so if carbon monoxide leaks are a concern, you should think about going electric.

There are also other options for furnaces, such as high-efficiency condensing furnaces, which are gas furnaces designed to make the most thorough use of their natural gas supply, sometimes wasting only 2% of it. Condensing furnaces cost more than standard units, but the savings they provide will often compensate for it.

Make Sure You Pick the Right Furnace for Your Humble, Texas Home

Please don’t make the choice for a new furnace without the consulting with an HVAC professional first. Your home has specific heating needs that only a technician with proper training can provide. Perhaps you should stay with the tried and true, and if you should switch, the technician will guide you to the best choice.

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