Common HVAC Services Caused by a Clogged Air Filter

Common HVAC Services Caused by a Clogged Air Filter

by | Sep 9, 2013 | HVAC | 1 comment

The heat in Texas is often intense, even outside the summer season. All the more reason you need your air conditioner to be working at peak performance for you whenever you turn it on. One common issue we frequently come across that could inhibit your AC units reliability is trouble with the air filter. Here are some of the common HVAC problems which can result from clogged filters:

Dust build-up in the ductwork: If your filter is dirty, it may lead to more dust accumulating inside the ductwork. Since the ducts are responsible for carrying the cool air throughout your house, excess dust inside them will lower your air quality. This can be particularly troublesome if there is a person in your home with allergies. You AC will also become less efficient, leading to higher energy bills.

Damage to the blower fans: Air filters do more than prevent dust and other particles from getting into the air you breathe. They also shield the internal components of the air conditioner from getting dirty. If debris starts getting into your system, it may block up the blower fan, which can require costly repairs.

Frozen evaporator coils: If you see frost forming on the coils of your AC, it may be due to a dirty filter. A frozen coil will not be able to absorb enough heat from the air in your home and will lead to inefficient cooling.

To help hold off these problems, you should change your filter once a month during the height of the summer season. During times when you are running your AC less, you can switch out the filter every three or four months.

However, enrolling in a regular preventive maintenance program is the best way to make sure that clogged air filters aren’t creating greater problems. A highly-trained HVAC expert can find where dirt and debris are accumulating and identify any potential damage to your system. Preventive maintenance will save you money in the long run by targeting small problems before they become big problems, and will also extend the lifespan of your system.

If your air conditioner needs service because of a clogged filter, don’t rely on amateur help to fix the problem. KAC Express has excellent and reliable technicians on staff to handle the HVAC services you need in Spring, TX.

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