How Does a Central Air Conditioner Work?

Essentially your air conditioner works by pumping chilled air throughout your home or building through a system of air ducts by following the 4 steps below:

Step 1:
Your thermostat signals the air conditioner unit to turn on.
Step 2:
The air-handling unit kicks on and draws air from various parts of your home through return air-ducts.
Step 3:
That air is pulled through the filter and any foreign airborne particles are removed.
Step 4:
That air then travels to the air-supply ductwork that releases cool air back into your home.

How does the air get cold?
The evaporator coil in your air conditioner unit is what transforms the warm air from within your home cold. Fans move that warm interior air over refrigerant filled coils. When the warm air is forced over the cold evaporator coil the refrigerant is able to absorb the heat as it changes from a liquid into a gas. Your central air conditioner will then convert the refrigerant back into a liquid again to continue the cooling process. How does that happen? Well the compressor puts that gas under high pressure to create unwanted heat. That extra heat is then pushed outside through the condenser coils and second fan. As the gas begins to cool it turns back into a liquid state and the process starts all over again in an endless cycle to ensure that your home feels cool and comfortable.

Does it feel like your central AC unit isn’t working properly? Call us today and a skilled HVAC expert will be at your door to inspect your air conditioner system to let you know if it is in need of a new central air conditioning installation, any repairs, or maintenance.