Benefits of Installing Ceiling Fans in Your Home

Benefits of Installing Ceiling Fans in Your Home

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Blog | 1 comment

  1. Lowers Energy Costs
    Utilizing ceiling fans can help lowers your utility bills by thirty to forty percent. The draft that the fan creates will make your room feel cooler which will allow you to turn down your thermostat a tad on you air conditioner and save you money!
    Tip: Choose an energy efficient ceiling fan to install since they are up to sixty percent more efficient than your average fan.
  2. Decor Element
    Ceiling fans can be used as a statement piece in your home and add interest to your ceiling, a portion of your home that is often forgotten about. This is a great way to add a functional focal point to your lack luster ceiling.
  3. Functional illumination
    This functional and multipurpose lighting element is a great layer to add into the lighting of your home. For more information on how to properly layers indoor lighting check out our other blog post: Selecting The Right Lighting For Your Home.
  4. Control Temperatures
    Even though a fan doesn’t technically affect the actual temperature within your home it can be utilized to help make your space feel cooler or warmer depending on the setting you have it on. In the winter time when you are looking to cozy up your home make sure that your blades are running clockwise. This will ensure that warm air gets pushed down and make your space feel warmer, plus it can help lower your energy bill by fifteen percent. In the summer months running your blades counterclockwise will cooler downward air flow, accelerate evaporation of perspiration, make the room feel six to eight degrees cooler, and save you up to forty percent on your utility bill.
    Tip: This trick works in outside spaces as well! Just make sure that the fan you use is certified for outdoor use.
  5. Keep Insects Away
    Turning your ceiling fan on will help to keep flies, mosquitos, and other insects at bay. The strong breeze will make it difficult for insects to fly into the area and will keep you and your food safe.




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