Are Ductless AC Systems Easier to Repair than Centralized Systems?

Are Ductless AC Systems Easier to Repair than Centralized Systems?

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

In matters of air conditioning repair, Houston residents need to explore all their options. Our city is just too hot and humid to take any chances with a cool home. Along those lines, you might consider the repair costs on alternative forms of air conditioning such as ductless AC systems. They can have a significant impact on whether you change your system or not. Are ductless AC systems easier to repair than centralized systems? Yes and no.

Ductless systems divide your home into different sections, then use a single small AC unit to cool each one. That provides a great deal of flexibility: you can tailor the temperature in each room to suit each occupant’s tastes and even lets you turn off the AC unit in parts of the house you aren’t using.

In and of themselves, such systems aren’t any more or less prone to repairs than centralized system. You may schedule repairs more or less often depending on the quality of your unit and the frequency of use. However, there are two factors that tend to make ductless AC systems a little easier to repair than centralized systems. In the first case, since the individual units aren’t used quite as often (and usually have a lighter load when they do), they don’t tend to see as many repairs as a centralized unit. In the second case, when a centralized unit needs repairs, it affect the whole household. With ductless units, the repair usually only affects a single room or two, allowing you to continue to use the system in the rest of the house. Considering how hot our summers get, that can make things considerably easier.

Saying ductless AC systems are easier to repair than centralized systems is a bit of simplification. Specifics will vary by individual case. But in terms of air conditioning service in Houston, residents should consider the comparative ease and infrequency of repairs for ductless AC systems. Regardless of your choice, the experts at KAC Express are standing by to help. We can provide solid service for both centralized and ductless systems, so give us a call today!




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