Air Conditioning Maintenance for the Whole Year: A Helpful Timeline to Reference

Air Conditioning Maintenance for the Whole Year: A Helpful Timeline to Reference

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Blog | 1 comment

You probably already know that your air conditioner needs to undergo periodic maintenance to continue to function optimally. What you likely do not know about your home’s most relied upon piece of machinery is what exactly needs to be done and how often you should have it looked in on. If you are like most smart consumers, you don’t like the idea of relying upon an air conditioning salesperson to tell you what you must do to repair or maintain your unit. Keep these tips in mind, and you likely won’t wake up one hot summer morning sweating for lack of a functioning air conditioner. If you think you might be in need of air conditioning repair or maintenance in Spring Texas, contact our team to schedule your check-up.

Heading into the Fall and Winter Seasons:

This is generally the time that yearly maintenance is scheduled, because it isn’t the hottest or coldest time of the year, so it’s safer to make repairs in this season without risk of losing cooling/heating capability. Your technician will assess all of the components of your machine, ensuring they are working properly and he or she will lubricate them to promote continued system health. The humidifying components in the furnace will also be checked heading into colder seasons. The water line it requires will be turned on at this time. If you notice any seasonal weather buildups on or around your outdoor equipment, it is a good idea to remove it to prevent weather-related problems. If your air conditioning expert finds anything of note, they can indicate if you might require AC repair, air conditioning replacement, or simple maintenance.

Prior to the Spring and Summer Seasons:

A similar inspection and “tune-up” will be performed heading into the warmer parts of the year to ensure proper functionality throughout the spring and summer months. Your AC Company in Spring Texas can help to ease your mind. It will also be necessary to check and top off refrigerant levels and lines before expecting your air conditioner to cool your home effectively. Your furnace’s water line can be turned off for these seasons at this time.

On a Quarterly Basis:

Regardless of seasons, your air conditioning system needs clean new air filters to function at its highest capacity. Changing your filters regularly will also improve the air quality in your home. Do this 4 times a year. It is also wise to assess your thermostat programs every quarter to ensure you have them set on an energy-efficient setting commensurate to the season you are in. Finally, consistently maintaining a debris-free zone around your outdoor components will ensure that you have less opportunity for interference with the functionality of your total system.




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