Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

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Air conditioning unit these days incorporate advanced technologies to make them quieter and efficient. So if your air conditioner noise is annoying you, you better get it checked for they are not just sounds, they are signs and signals, telling you to get the AC unit checked for repair or upgrade.

Why is my AC so loud?

Air conditioner units are already pretty loud appliances but if you hear any noises that seem out of the ordinary it could be a sign that your unit is in need of repairs. Most air conditioner noise problems can be avoided with regular maintenance and often time normal AC sounds can be lessened with some tricks like including a compressor sound enclosure and or lubricating fan blades.

Noisy air conditioner units could mean that your system is in major need of some repair. These of course are just common signs but it is important that you give our team of expert HVAC specialists to come for a site visit to assess the situation.

Why is my Air conditioner making clicking noises?

Clicking sounds are normal when you first turn on and off your air conditioner, but any constant clicking noises could mean that your control panel or compressor is defective and needs to be replaced.

You need to even notice the pattern of clicking. While occasional clicking may depict that there is some fault in the relay or contractor, persistent clicking could mean the noise as a result of a damaged belt or some residue stuck in the fan. For any of this to be checked and sorted, get you AC unit checked and cleaned by our specialist.

Why is my air conditioner making rattling noises?

It is normal for air conditioner systems to vibrate while running and often times these vibrations might cause screws and hardware to become loose. In the worst case scenario rattling could be a sign that the motor is failing.

This deterioration of the AC unit should be taken seriously and should be immediately checked. There are other reasons as well for your AC to rattle. There can be chances of your AC unit being clogged by twigs or leaves that often make their way in the system. Not only this, the fan could be loose too, thereby, making the annoying rattling noise. You could check the AC unit for loose screws and tighten them to begin with, followed by cleaning the condenser.

Why is my air conditioner making screaming noises?

The high-pitched screaming noises coming out of your AC unit can be exasperating and scary at the same time. They get on your nerves and leave you irritated. In such a scenario, its suggested that you shut down the AC unit and call for our professional to get it mended for it may be a sign of a refrigerant leak that can be hazardous for your AC. The leak may also harm your health.

So we know that your air conditioner unit isn’t actually screaming but any noises that emulate the sounds of a scream could be a that the compressor if failing

due to the high internal pressure within the compressor. It is a sign to prevent any sort of danger that might be a result of some internal problem in the AC unit. Whenever you hear the screaming noises, turn off the AC and do not panic if it gets turned off on its own. Get it inspected post turning it off.

Why is my air conditioner making humming noises?

Humming sounds could be a sign that the starting capacitor is beginning to fail or that your motor is declining.The problematic motor, loose wiring or the some issue in the compressor could give the humming noise.  While the noise of humming is not really that dangerous, it is always a good idea to get it checked before it paves way for anything more serious. Other than the reasons mentioned above, humming noises could also be a result of loose piping and electrical problems.

Why is my air conditioner making squeaking noises?

Squeaking sounds could indicate that the bearings are beginning to wear out.

Why is my air conditioner making hissing noises?

If your ductwork has some problem, it usually gives out the hissing or the whistling noise. If your air conditioner unit is still running on freon it could mean that it is leaking. Call for check and repair immediately as the leakage can further cause some serious damage to the AC and to the room as it can harm the flooring as well.

Why is my air conditioner making grinding noises?

A disturbing grinding noise is a result of the fan motors as the noise may suggest that there is something not right. If you are hearing your AC unit making grinding sounds it could mean that your bearings are going out and is usually telltale sign that your air conditioner is failing and will break down very soon. If this is the case it is very important that you give our expert HVAC technicians a call as soon as possible.

Why is my air conditioner making screeching noises?

Screeching noise could be terrible and can your your mood instantly. Screeching noise could mean that the compressor is failing or there is some problem with the blower fan.  Screeching sounds could also suggest that your AC system has a bad belt or motor bearing problems.

Why is my air conditioner making loud thumping noises?

Ever heard that loud knocking or thumping sound in your AC unit? Well, that could again be the result of a loose part in the AC compressor or an unbalanced blower.  If your air conditioner is making unusually loud thumping noises we recommend that you immediately turn the unit off since it could be a sign that something is disconnected or broken and get it checked from our professional to diagnose the problem.

Why is my air conditioner making swoosh tap noises?

Often times a swoosh tap sound coming from your air conditioner means that something is stuck in the blower blades. Even though this won’t be detrimental to your AC it will wear out your unit quicker.

While the noises could be in any form, they are sure to bug you. You wouldn’t want it complementary along with the scorching heat. Hope you have got the answer to ‘Why is my air conditioner so loud?’ Our professionals are always on the beck and call as you reach out to us and get the noisy air conditioner fixed.




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