Is my AC raising the utility bill?

Is my AC raising the utility bill?

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Does AC increase electricity bill? This is the question that most homeowners have when summer heatwaves roll in. Running your air conditioner unit could account for forty-three percent of your total energy bill. Often times people wonder if their air conditioner unit is raising the utility bill, and though it does cost money to run any electrical system in your home it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Reduce your Utility Bill this summer by following these Tips:

  • Block The Sun:

    Most of the heat that accumulates in our home comes directly from the sun shining through our windows or onto the roof. To help combat the penetration of the sun’s heat plant broad, heavy leaved trees and bushes around your home. Did you know that you could boost your air conditioner units efficiency by ten percent when you shade it with trees or shrubs?

    Tip: Remember to check your unit to make sure that no leaves are blocking the airway and that there is at least a two foot clearing between your AC unit and any plants.

  • Windows:

    Invest in skylight blinds and window shades to block the sun from penetrating your glass. Solar screens are mesh-like window screens that are able to intercept up to seventy percent of solar energy before it even has a chance to enter your home. Window films on the other end are transparent, metalized sheets that reflects heat before it can disseminate through the glass.

    Tip: Remember to keep windows closed while the AC is running.

  • Thermostat:

    Utilize your programmable thermostat or manually increase the temperature to a warmer degree at night and while you are away from home. Doing this can help you save anywhere between five to fifteen percent on your utility bills.

What should the Position of the Thermostat Be?

When it comes to Thermostats, their positioning plays a vital role in helping you save the energy consumption. A poorly fixed Thermostat in the wrong position will lead your air conditioning unit to work extra than needed. Positioning it in direct sunlight is something you need to avoid at all costs.

  • Fans:

    Turn the fans on high to help circulate the air inside your home. This will help improve your air conditioner’s efficiency. Making sure that your fan is blowing the air downwards will send the air past your body, thus removing all that hot air that is surrounding your body.

    Tip: Turn your fan on low during days when it is humid. The slower that the air moves through your AC system the more moisture it is able to remove.

  • Vents:

    This is something that can easily be forgotten but it’s important to remember to the vents in rooms that are not being used. This will save energy and money!

  • Keep Up With AC maintenance:

    Keep filters clean: Obstructed filters that are covered in dust, particles, or foreign objects restricts airflow, thus making your air conditioner work harder and decrease efficiency.

    Lubricate moving parts: If there is any friction in your AC unit’s motor it will increase the amount of electricity that needs to be used. Increase your air conditioner’s efficiency by keeping your system well lubricated.

    Clean the evaporator and condenser AC coils: Having dirty coils reduces your air conditioner systems ability to cool the home, forcing it to run longer. All of this drastically increases your energy cost and will reduce the overall life of your AC system.

    Refrigerant level: Check to make sure that your refrigerant is at the correct level and adjust accordingly. Having too much or too little leads to a decline in efficiency, increases utility costs, and reduces the life of your AC unit.

    Adjust and clean your AC’s blower components: Any airflow issues within your air conditioner system can reduce your unit’s efficiency by fifteen percent.

Turn on the AC Preferably During the Day

It is a known fact that evenings are usually cooler than afternoons. If your utility bills are on the higher side, then you be smart and manage by just opening a window and enjoy the cool breeze.

You cannot just save energy during the night by turning off the AC but also sleep sound. Turn on the AC when it is needed the most, that is, during the day. This little trick is natural as well as a power pact method to cut on the high utility bills that can give you nightmares.

Machines/Appliances That Emit Heat

Believe it or not, but other than the scorching heat from the sun, there are certain things in your household itself that generate excruciating heat. Yes, you heard it right. These appliances are guilty of emitting heat if turned on uselessly.

The television unit, the refrigerator, the lamp which is not in use, all get together and do a lot of damage other than just burning a hole in your pocket. They emit heat and release for which the AC has to toil itself a lot more than its regular utility.

Other than the refrigerator, you can keep the consumption of the AC low, by switching off the other appliances off if not in use. You can also spend time outside in the evenings and indulge in outdoor activities and help cut down majorly on energy consumption while enjoying the cool breeze.

Indulge in Some Recreational Activities Outside

It would be harsh to suggest indulging in outdoor recreational activities like cooking, barbecuing, or grilling outside, but once in awhile these activities can really make up for the sedentary lifestyle and also help you save energy consumption big time. Cooking inside the home is a given.

The hot plate, oven, microwaves, stoves, etc. are enough to make your exhaust in the kitchen. An exhaust fan is a must after cooking. Even if you have to cook something that takes a lot of time or bake a cake, we would suggest you to do that in the evening, where your job is done and you don’t have turn the AC on.

Also, rarely do we go outside our homes and enjoy the evening barbecue sessions. These little variations in your routine will prevent emit excessive heat and without having to resort to the air conditioning unit all the time.

Enjoy some time in Your Basement

Who doesn’t know the fact that basements are any day cooler than the top stories. If you are exasperated by the scorching heat then you might want to shift down to the basement for a few days. Take your essentials with you and enjoy your time there. It will be a good change and you won’t really find the need to turn on the AC there, eventually resulting in saving money.

Let Humidity and Cooling Setting go Hand in Hand

Humidity can help you control the fan speed of your air conditioners. When it is humid outside, you can lower down the speed of the fan. Similarly, when it is less humid, increase the air conditioner fan speed. These nuances would definitely make you much more comfortable than you’ve previously been in your normal setting.

Take Suggestion From the HVAC Professionals

Will a new ac unit lower my electric bill?

By calling an AC professional to inspect the AC unit and for maintenance checkups obviously can help you identify the problem, but it can also increase the efficiency of the AC unit, thereby, decreasing the electricity costs. He will guide you well on how and why your AC is turning out to be expensive for you and what could be done to prevent the same. Always remember that a high electricity bill is any day more painful than a low tune-up bill.

Maintain the Temperature at 78 Degrees

If you want you air conditioner to keep running at the optimal temperature, try 78 degrees. Not just is the temperature stable but also a good temperature for the hot days. If you tend to lower the temperature of the house, it could lead to exorbitantly increasing the cooling rate of your AC unit.




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