5 Key Parts of Your Air Conditioner

If you are searching for an air conditioner repair company, you will be more prepared to answer questions and hire the best contractor for the job if you have some familiarity with the basic components of an AC system. Due to concerns about electrocution and the possibility of further damaging your air conditioner, most of these components require a professionally trained repair person to fix them, but this list will give you a basic idea about what is going on with your air conditioner, particularly when it is time to inspect or repair it.

Coolant System

Your air conditioner operates using a special chemical called refrigerant. Its low boiling point gives it the properties necessary to operate the AC. If the refrigerant is not properly installed, is not filled to the correct level, or is even overcharged, your AC will not operate at full capacity. This can lead to other parts of the system being overused and can result in stress damage over time.

Condenser and Compressor

These are the core parts of the air conditioner. The compressor sits outside of the building, while the condenser is inside. They work together to transfer the heat inside the building to the outside. In effect, they heat the outside using the heat inside the building, resulting in interior cooling. The core of these machines are well-built in modern air conditioners, but certain parts, such as electrical components, can break down over time. A competent air conditioner contractor will examine these parts thoroughly.

Power Components

This includes everything from the thermostat to the fuse box. Your AC technician should give these a detailed inspection and also take measurements to ensure they are operating properly. The thermostat itself can be used to diagnose certain problems, and if it is malfunctioning it can cause problems in other parts of the system over time. There is also a long length of wiring inside the AC system. This needs to remain intact and tightly connected in order to avoid damaging other parts of the air conditioner.

Mechanical Components

The inside of your AC unit is like a choreographed dance: each component needs to do its part in order for the entire system to work. The fans need to be adjusted to ensure proper airflow. The filters need to be cleaned to maximize efficiency. Some brands of air conditioners have re-usable filters that simply need cleaning, while others require full replacement.

Before hiring an air conditioner contractor, make a checklist of these items and make sure they are checking the parts that needs to be checked. This will help ensure they are getting the job done right.