3 Things to Check Before Air Conditioning Season Starts

3 Things to Check Before Air Conditioning Season Starts

by | Apr 11, 2014 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

Summer in Houston can be a wonderful season…but without a working air conditioner in your home, it will be a miserable season. Before the summer arrives, take some time to check over your air conditioning system to prepare it for the heavy heat. You should also look to professional air conditioning services to maintain it and perform any necessary repairs.

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1. Check the air filter

The air filter is part of the ventilation system and protects your air conditioner as well as your furnace (if you use a furnace for winter heating) from debris drawn in through the return vent. Eventually, the debris will clog up the filter to the point that the airflow into the AC will plummet and cause the system to run inefficiently. A clogged filter may even allow contamination through. If the filter is clogged from use during the winter, swap it out for a new one. You should then change the filter every month during air conditioning season.

2. Check the area around the outside condensing unit

The outdoor cabinet of your air conditioning system needs to have few obstructions (brush, gravel, branches, etc.) near it as possible. This allows the unit to more efficiently release the exhaust heat necessary for the heat exchange cycle, and protects it from any object that might get drawn into it that will damage the fan or other components. (Objects as large as tree branches can become jammed into outdoor condensers!) Clear out anything that might have gathered around the unit over the winter and early spring.

3. Check your electric bills

We’ve experienced some warm spring days in Houston, so you have probably already turned on your AC a few times. Look over your electric bills for when you had the air conditioner on, and then compare them to the bills from this same time last year. Is there a significant jump in price? If there is, it’s a good indication that the air conditioner either needs maintenance to clean and adjust it, or it has a malfunction that needs repairs. Call a technician right away to find out what you can do: you don’t want to start the air conditioning season paying more than you need to.

After you’ve made these checks, call for your regular maintenance visit. It’s always a good idea to have a maintenance session during spring so your cooling system is prepared for the work it will do during summer. KAC Express can take care of the maintenance for your air conditioning in Houston, TX so you’ll enjoy a cool, comfortable summer.

For professional AC maintenance in the surrounding Houston area, give us a call today and schedule your next service appointment with us!




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