3 Clear Benefits of Propane Heating

3 Clear Benefits of Propane Heating

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Electric or gas powered heating are some of the most common ways to heat a home. But did you know that’s not the only option homeowners have to heat the home? Propane heating is another way to heat your home that is just as efficient with many benefits that many aren’t aware of. Here are some benefits of propane heating for your home.

Environmentally-Friendly Option

Nowadays, being environmentally-conscious is important to a lot of homeowners. For this reason, it is good to know that propane heating is actually a clean fuel source. Other heating options such as gas, coal, or even natural gas have a high carbon content, which will pollute the air. However, propane is a purer form of energy that produced very little carbon, making it a great choice for your home and for the environment. The appeal of little to no greenhouse gases being released from propane heating is a solid benefit of choosing propane heating over other sources. If you decide this is a great choice for heating your house, KAC Express Heating Company in Spring Texas professionals can install propane heating for an environmentally friendly heating source to heat your home this winter.

High Efficiency

Unbeknownst to most homeowners, propane has a higher efficiency rate than even natural gas. In fact, one cubic foot of propane is actually two times stronger than the same amount of natural gas. Because it has more usable energy, propane is a highly efficient heat source for any home. The density of propane allows it to not only heat your home in a shorter amount of time, but it also better for the budget. High efficiency means less energy used, which results in a lower energy bill. It’s an all-around great energy source for any home. For installation, contact KAC Express HVAC Company in Spring Texas and save money today.

Reliable in any Situation

Other heat sources can leave you vulnerable to the cold if they aren’t working as they should. For instance, electric furnaces rely on electrical power, so if for some reason the electricity goes out, you are left without power and without heat. Natural gas also has its limitations. If the supply line that brings natural gas into the home is somehow damaged or not working as it should, you are left without an energy source for heating the house. Propane, on the other hand, is reliable through the fiercest of weather. One propane tank located directly on your property is enough to fuel your home for several months. A full tank equates to a warm, comfortable home. Hooking up to alternative appliances such as barbecues or outdoor fireplaces is also an easy achievement. Local Heating Companies in Spring Texas can tap into your propane tank and route it to other sources so it doesn’t just heat the inside of the home, but powers appliances outside the home as well.
Propane is clearly a superior choice for heating your home this winter. KAC Express can help with installation or any type of Heating Repair in Spring Texas you may need. Give them a call and see for yourself what an amazing option propane heating can be for your home.




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