Which Type of Air Conditioning System Is Good for an Add-On Room?

Which Type of Air Conditioning System Is Good for an Add-On Room?

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

Your home often grows with you and your family. Any add-on rooms should enjoy the same comfort as all the other rooms. In the warm Texas weather, this means finding the right solution to providing the additional room with sufficient air conditioning. You probably don’t want to purchase a simple window unit, since they can be obtrusive, inefficient, and unattractive. What other options do you have for the add-on, and which one will work the best? Let’s take a look at the two principle possibilities.

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Expanded ductwork: If you use central air conditioning that distributes cooled air through ductwork, then one of your first choices should be to extend the ducts into the new room. This gives you the advantage of having control of the temperature over your entire house through a single system. Duct extensions require professional installation; faulty placement and inferior work can lead to multiple problems that decrease cooling efficiency and air quality.

Ductless mini splits: If you don’t want to deal with ducts, getting a ductless system might be a better option—whether just for the new room or for the whole house. Ductless mini splits work in a similar fashion to a regular central air conditioner, except that the outdoor cabinet links by lines to individual air handler units. You can install an air handler into the new room to allow for direct control over its temperature. This can be independent of the system in the rest of the house, or it can be part of a larger ductless system.

The question of an additional room comes down to whether you want to extend the AC system that you currently use to cool down your home into the new space or whether you want to have a second system to handle the add-on. Unless you have experience with HVAC installation, you should consult an expert on home air conditioners to find the best answer—after all, every home has different requirements.

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