Should My Air Be Coming from The Vents Equally?

Should My Air Be Coming from The Vents Equally?

by | Sep 1, 2018 | Blog | 1 comment

When you’re at home, you may notice that the air isn’t coming from the vents equally. And in some cases, this can simply be the way your heating and cooling system is set up to ensure you get the most efficient air flow. However, when you aren’t closing vents in specific rooms or having air conditioning repair technicians adjust dampers, then vents should be evenly distributing the air. If you’ve noticed that the air isn’t coming out of your vents as they should, here are a few steps that you can take.

Check and Change Filters

A clogged filter can really slow down the air that comes from the vents, and the fix may be as simple as changing your filter. When the air struggles to get through the filter, your unit has to work twice as hard to try to push it through and this can cause premature air conditioning repair in Spring Texas. For most homes, filters should be changed once a month, but be sure you check them often to make sure they aren’t clogged.

Check to Make Sure Vents Are Open

Sometimes the reason vents aren’t distributing air evenly is because the vent isn’t actually open. Check the vents to make sure they are open, and the area isn’t clogged with dirt, pet hair, clothing, and other obstacles. If all vents are open and the air flow is still not distributed evenly throughout the home, then it’s time to call in for an AC repair in Spring Texas.

Have an AC Repair Technician Check the Ductwork

Uneven air flow could be caused by an air duct that is blocked or leaking, and you’ll see this on your energy bill. Get a technician involved to complete an inspection to ensure your ductwork is clean and air can easily flow through it. The pros also make sure that your airducts where installed correctly and that they are the correct size.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Repair

The best way to combat uneven air flow coming from vents is to get the experts involved because it could be a range of issues from air ducts that are too small to a broken part in the motor. A technician will run a complete diagnosis and identify the problem, so that you can reach the comfort levels in your home that you desire.





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