Why You Need a Zone Control System

Air Conditioning Technician

Do the temperatures in the rooms in your home often feel inconsistent and uncomfortable? Do you crave more control over the temperatures in every room? Are you looking for ways to save money on your utility bill? Look no further, HVAC zone control systems are the perfect solution.

Signs Your Home Would Benefit From a Zone Controlled HVAC System

  1. Your home is two stories or more
  2. You have large rooms with these features: vaulted ceilings, lofts, atriums, etc.
  3. Your home has rooms over the garage
  4. You have lots of windows and glass
  5. Your home is built on a concrete foundation

How Does a Zone Control System Save You Money?
According to the U.S. Department of Energy utilizing a zoning system can save homeowners up to around thirty percent on an average heating and cooling bill. This is possible by having the ability to cool or warm only that areas of the home that are in use. Another great way to save money through the zone control system is by utilizing the thermostat. Most of the control panels will allow you to fully customize your heating and air based on days and hours of the week so that you can lower the amount of air being produced during times when you are away from the house or asleep.

How Does a Zone Control HAC System Work?
A zone control system uses multiple thermostats that are all wired to one main control panel. This control panel is what operates the dampers in the ductwork of your HVAC system. The thermostats that are installed throughout your home constantly read the temperature in their specific area and will signal the dampers to open or close based on that reading.

If you are looking for a more consistent temperature throughout your home with more control over your energy savings then a zoned control system is perfect for you! Have a local electrician contact you today for a consultation!