How Long Does Air Conditioning Installation Take?

How Long Does Air Conditioning Installation Take?

by | Jul 24, 2013 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

If you have decided to schedule a professional air conditioning installation in Humble, TX, be prepared for increased comfort and convenience throughout your home. Those of you that have never used a central AC system will be pleased with the increased efficiency and performance quality that such systems offer over window units. Of course, the installation of a central AC system is much more involved than simply putting a window unit into your window frame. A qualified, professional air conditioning installation technician must be hired to do the job. Contact KAC Express today for more details and to discuss the AC installation options available to you.

Generally speaking, a central air conditioning installation can be completed with a day’s work by a professional contractor, give or take an hour or two. This timeframe, though, can vary quite a bit depending on the type of air conditioning system being installed, the design and unique characteristics of your home, as well as any preexisting equipment or components.

If a forced air distribution system is being used to circulate conditioned air in a split central AC or heat pump system, the time that the installation takes to complete will depend on whether or not there is existing ductwork in the home. Proper duct design and professional ductwork installation service is needed to ensure that your system is able to operate as effectively and reliably as possible. Your home will need to be evaluated and the proper duct design determined prior to the initial installation of your ductwork.

Different systems present different challenges during an installation. Ductless mini split systems, for instance, do not require a system of air ducts in order to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. However, holes will need to be drilled in your home to feed the connecting conduit through, and the individual blowers and thermostats will have to be strategically placed throughout the property.

To get a good idea of how long your air conditioning installation is going to take, as well as what specific challenges your home and property present, contact a Humble, TX air conditioning installation professional at KAC Express today. We’ll be able to assess your situation to provide you with the information needed to make all the right decisions about your AC installation. Call now to learn more.




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