Houston Air Conditioning Repair FAQ: Why is My AC Leaking Water?

Houston Air Conditioning Repair FAQ: Why is My AC Leaking Water?

by | May 16, 2013 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

Central air conditioning systems are a great convenience and comfort during the hottest time of the year. Modern air conditioners are very durable and built to last. Of course, they are still mechanical systems, and as with any other mechanical systems they are going to experience some operational problems from time to time. If you are concerned about the operation or condition of your air conditioner for any reason, call the Houston air conditioning repair technicians at KAC Express. We have all the training and experience necessary to handle any problems you may have with your air conditioner, such as water leaking from the system.

As an air conditioner operates, it also dehumidifies your home to a certain degree. The water that it removes from the air in your home has to go somewhere. When there is an issue with your air conditioning system in which it cannot successfully drain off this water, it is possible that you will notice some water leaking from your system.

A common cause of air conditioner water leaks is a clogged condensate pipe or drain. If any dirt or other debris has built up in your condensate pipe or drain it is possible for that clog to lead to a backup of water. This in turn can lead to water damage in your home. Make sure that you change your air filter regularly to minimize the risk of this problem in your home.

It is also possible that the condensate hose or pipe in your system is cracked or corroded. In this case, water will leak out rather than back up in the system, but the result is the same. Even relatively small amounts of water can lead to considerable water damage to your home. Have your water leak assessed and resolved by a qualified professional as soon as possible.

No matter what has led to the water leak in your air conditioning system, KAC Express can fix the problem. Our Houston air conditioning repair technicians want to help you make it through the cooling season comfortably. Contact us today to schedule service. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about air conditioning leaks and repairs.




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