Furnace Noises to Listen for this Winter

Furnace Noises to Listen for this Winter

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Heating | 1 comment

A gas furnace is a vital component to your home, keeping you warm and cozy during the coldest parts of winter. When your furnace runs into trouble, you need to act quickly. Furnace repair in Kingwood TX is readily available, but it helps if you the homeowner know what signs to look for. Noises, in particular, are a good indication that something is wrong. Here’s a list of furnace noises to listen for this winter; they may indicate that there’s something wrong.

As a general rule, any noise that you don’t recognize as part of the normal functioning of the furnace probably needs a professional to take a look. The most common I probably a buzzing or rattling sound that indicates an internal component is malfunctioning in some way. He fan motor or compressor motor may be faulty, creating a buzzing or grinding noise. Grinding can also happen if the fan becomes bent or misaligned, causing it to scrape against other components.

Other noises can be quieter or more subtle. A whining or humming noise could indicate a problem with one of the components. You might also hear a rattling noise if one of the components has come loose from its housing, or there’s a bolt or similar component rattling around in the system. Air leaks can cause a thrumming or a whistling noise as air escapes through the fissure.

In some cases, you can hear these noises through the duct system, which can carry sound quite readily. Unless there’s a leak in the ducts themselves, the noise most likely originates with the furnace itself, and most likely needs the attention of a professional. If you know what furnace noise to listen for this winter, you’re already ahead of the game. When you hear them, turn off your furnace and pick up the phone. Furnace repair in Kingwood TX can be handled by the experts at KAC Express. We can address your problem quickly and professionally, and make sure your furnace doesn’t cut out just when you need it the most. Our staff of experts is standing by; call us today to make an appointment.




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