Energy Saving Tips to Cut Your Heating Bill

Energy Saving Tips to Cut Your Heating Bill

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Energy Savings | 1 comment

No one likes paying a high heating bill, but when the weather is cold, we often accept that necessity without looking further at the problem. Energy saving tips in Spring, TX, can go a long way towards doing so, and without compromising your comfort levels to boot. There are common sense energy saving tips to cut your heating bill, such as dressing warmly indoors and setting your thermostat a few degrees cooler than you might normally do. But more substantive tips can help as well. Here’s a few that you may wish to consider.

In the first place, a home energy audit can determine spots that are contributing to loss of heat, such as cracks around the doors and windows, or spots that could use more insulation. With that as a guide. You can then make little improvement around the house to cut your heating bill. You can buy weather stripping at most hardware stores to deal with cracks under the door and a trained technician can add more insulation to your home in spots where you might need it.

As for the heater itself, the best thing you can do to improve its efficiency is to schedule a regular maintenance session at least once or twice a year. The technician will clean dirty parts, tighten loose fittings and otherwise correct any issues that may affect the heater’s performance. (He or she can also spot more serious issues in the making, allowing you to schedule a repair service to treat them before they get out of hand.)  You’ll be surprised at how much more efficiently your heater will respond after such a session, and what that will do to your monthly energy bill.

To help you save energy and cut your heating bill, or to schedule a consultation for installation or repairs, the experts at KAC Express are standing by. Energy saving tips are part and parcel of our services, and we’re ready to help when you’re in need of a professional home heating service in Spring, Texas. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do!




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