How El Niño Affects the Weather and Temperature

How El Niño Affects the Weather and Temperature

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Cancelled outdoor sports practices, heat advisories, record temperatures globally, one thing is for sure: 2016 is one for the books. Families and businesses in Texas are in need of qualified AC installation and repair specialists now more than ever because 2016, according to NASA, is our planet’s hottest year in the history of record keeping. With record high temperatures emerging this year, most are left to wonder what is the cause of the extreme heat. Experts at NASA and NOAA say that while the overall increase of the planet’s average temperature this year, making it the hottest year in history, can be attributed to the increase in temperatures in the arctic due to global warming.  They are also saying though, that El Niño could be partly to blame.

What is El Niño?

El Niño is the periodic (every 3-7 years) warming of the water in the Pacific Ocean, which causes fluctuations in weather systems and temperatures. When El Niño occurs, more energy is available for storms to form.  It also affects wind shear, which is when the air currents found at a lower altitude blow in a different direction from winds that are higher in the atmosphere; strong wind shear makes it more difficult for hurricanes to form in the Pacific but easier for them to form in the Atlantic.

El Niño can also affect temperature when the warming of the water boosts global air temperatures, sometimes by at least .1 degrees Celsius. This increase in temperature, in combination with the long-term warming of the planet we’ve been seeing due to human-caused emissions of heat trapping gases like carbon dioxide, are all contributing to the climbing temperature averages this year.

What are we to do?

Weather stations around the U.S. have been keeping us all updated on the sometimes triple digit temperatures being recorded this year. They are doing their best to give tips for staying cool in a world that is hotter than ever. Anything from wearing lighter clothes outside, to keeping pets out of cars completely, to staying inside is being suggested for people and their families to beat the heat.  While we may not be able to escape the outdoor temperatures completely, or stop El Niño from adding to the heat, we can control how comfortable our homes and business are during this squelching summer heat; anyone looking for AC installation or AC repair in Spring, TX is especially in luck.  Keeping your home cool starts with an Air Conditioning system installed and maintained by an HVAC repair specialist who is qualified, insured, and experienced in all things heating and cooling. When you need an HVAC air conditioning installation expert to give you a reasonable quote and that can be flexible, quick, and efficient, the technicians from KAC Express are your #1 HVAC repair and installation specialists in Spring, Texas. Give us a call today for a quote and take the first step towards staying cool, comfortable, and happy this summer and for many summers to come!




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