Common Air Conditioning Compressor Problems to Watch For

Common Air Conditioning Compressor Problems to Watch For

by | Oct 11, 2013 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

If you listen to your air conditioner when it is operating in “cooling” mode, you’ll detect a regular shift in its sound: a heavier whirring noise that accompanies the fan. This occurs as the air conditioner begins its cooling cycle. That noise comes from the compressor, one of the most vital components of your air conditioning system.

A compressor is like a small motor, with a piston, crankshaft, and connecting rod. The compressor in an AC presses down on the refrigerant in the unit, and changes it into a hot, high pressure gas. This gas then moves to the nearest low-pressure area, starting the cycle of refrigerant through the air conditioner that facilitates the heat exchange which cools your home.

Although modern HVAC technology builds sturdy compressors, they can never run trouble-free. Here are some compressor problems to watch for. Compressor malfunctions almost always require professional repairs or replacements, so if you encounter any of these issues with your air conditioning in Humble, TX, call on an experienced company like KAC Express.

Compressor motor faults: The compressor resembles a motor—but it needs an electrical-powered motor to run it as well. This motor can become worn down with age or suffer from dirt contamination, and if it malfunctions, the compressor won’t work at all. Unusual shrieking noises or rattling sounds from inside the AC cabinet often indicate motor trouble.

Internal breakage: Any of the parts that compose a compressor can break, although the compressor will still sound like it is operating normally because the issue isn’t electrical. However, the compressor will no longer pump refrigerant, and the AC will stop blowing cooled air.

Locking up: This can occur if an air conditioner hasn’t been used for a long period or hasn’t received regular maintenance. The piston becomes tight inside the cylinder and won’t move. The air conditioner may “hard start” when this happens, making a large amount of noise, or the compressor may refuse to move at all. A professional can determine if this is the source of the problem by measuring the air conditioner’s energy use: a locked compressor will force the system to draw extra amps at start-up. Fixing this requires replacing the compressor.

Don’t try to repair or replace a compressor on your own, since you risk damaging other components inside the air conditioner. Despite the complexity of a compressor, replacing one is a routine task for an expert.

KAC Express offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work, so trust us when you’re having trouble with your compressor or any other part or for any other air conditioning services in Humble, TX.




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