Why Heating Maintenance in the Fall is So Important

Why Heating Maintenance in the Fall is So Important

by | Nov 3, 2013 | Blog, Heating | 1 comment

In Humble TX, heating systems take over from air conditioners sometime in October or November. Winters here are as chilly as the summers are muggy, and a reliable heating system can be your best friend when the mercury drops down low. The autumn months actually make an ideal time to schedule a regular maintenance session for your heater. The technician can tighten any loose bolts or fittings, clean off the internal components and talk to you about repairing any burgeoning problems before they get out of hand. In fact, there are numerous reasons why it’s an ideal time of year for this.

Here’s why maintaining your heater in the fall is so important.

In the first place, you probably won’t need your furnace or heater in the fall months. Temperatures are still warm enough here to prevent any serious heating concerns, which gives the technician plenty of time to perform repairs. That results in better quality repairs delivered without concern for the next cold front barreling down on top of us.

Perhaps more importantly, it gives you a chance to clean up the dust and dirt that have accumulated over the summer. Humble has its share of real heat waves, and chances are you haven’t used your heater for several months by the time the cold season starts. Not only does that create a lot of dust and grime, but it can exacerbate lingering issues from last heating season. It makes sense to deal with all that before you need your heater on a regular basis: taking care of big problems while they’re still small and making sure your heater is in ship-shape when the snow starts falling. It can save you a great deal of worry as well as extending the life of your heating system overall.

If you need heating maintenance in Humble, TX, consider getting your heating unit repaired and maintained by the good folks at KAC Express. Our trained technicians understand why heating maintenance in the fall is so important, and can set up a schedule that puts your heater in the green well before the winter starts. Give us a call to set up an appointment today.




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