Simple Steps for Keeping Your Heater from Breaking Down

Simple Steps for Keeping Your Heater from Breaking Down

by | Jan 12, 2014 | Heating | 1 comment

No one wants to think about their heater breaking down, especially in the wintertime when you need it operating every day. Spring, TX heater repair services are readily available, but you’d probably rather avoid calling them in the first place if you can help it. As we’re fond of saying here at KAC Express, an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.

Here are a few simple steps for keeping your heater from breaking down.

The first and most obvious step is learning to recognize the signs of distress. In many cases, a heater will announce that it has a problem long before it breaks down. This can include anything unusual or out of the ordinary: strange noises, knocking sounds, reduced air flow, lack of overall heat, leaks, unusual smells and gauges or readings that aren’t normal. Check your furnace or boiler every month or so for anything unusual, and if you notice anything strange while it’s running, shut it down and call a repair service.

A regular maintenance session from a qualified professional can help immensely. The technician can look for specific things a layman might not spot, as well as cleaning dirt and grime off of the unit and tightening any loose bolts or fittings. That TLC will help prevent breakdowns in the future, as well as giving the technician a chance to spot big problems when they’re still small ones. (Maintenance sessions aren’t the same as formal repair sessions, but you can schedule one once the issue has been pinpointed.)

They’re not difficult, but they can make a big difference. And small steps now go a long way towards prevent big issues later. Providing heating repair services in the Spring, TX area are the purveyance of KAC Express. We can fix your heater when it breaks down, but we’d prefer to help you keep it from malfunctioning in the first place. To schedule a maintenance session from one of our experience staff, or for more simple steps for keeping your heater from breaking down, give us a call to schedule an appointment today. You’ll be glad that you did!




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