I Want to Run My AC But Why Is It So Expensive?

I Want to Run My AC But Why Is It So Expensive?

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

In the hot Texas summers, air conditioning can be a life saver. But energy bills can climb as quickly as the thermometer, and if you’re on a budget those huge payments might make you hesitate before turning on the AC. Air conditioning repair can become costly, leading you to sweat out the heat wave rather than risking a breakdown. What contributes to the high cost or running an AC and why is the seemingly simple act of cooling your house sometimes so expensive?

Part of the reason may be an older or poorly maintained air conditioning unit. Like anything else, an AC suffers from tear and tear over the years, forcing it to work harder and expend more energy to do its job. A lack of maintenance can contribute to that. Worn parts in need of replacement can create larger problems that interfere with the unit’s efficiency, problems that could have been solved by replacing or fixing those parts earlier.

The ducts that carry cool air through your house may contribute to higher costs as well. Cracked or leaky ducts tend to bleed cool air, meaning that it takes more effort and energy to keep the household cool, resulting in higher costs. Inadequate ductwork may be particularly vexing, since purchasing a new AC system won’t necessarily solve the problem.

Improper installation can also result in expensive energy bills. Air conditioners need to be a specific size in order to cool your home properly: too small and it will labor to do its job, too big and it will shut off before getting moisture and humidity out of the air. Improper installation may also leave leaks in the system or prevent the cool air from distributing properly. All of these translate into high electrical bills at the end of the month.

If the expense of running your air conditioner proves too much, considering a repair visit from a certified air conditioning specialist. At KAC Express, we’re experts in Spring, TX air conditioning repair, and dedicated to fixing the problem the first time, every time. Our technicians can locate the source of any air conditioning difficulty, improving your unit’s efficiency and decreasing you monthly bills in the bargain. Don’t worry about whether you can afford to keep cool on a hot day. Contact us and let us help you cut those high costs down to size.




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