How To Assess an Air Conditioning Contractor

How To Assess an Air Conditioning Contractor

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Has your AC broken down, leaving your house hot and muggy? Are the rooms in your home just not cooling, no matter how low you turn the thermostat?

You may be in a hurry to get your AC fixed, and a multitude of unscrupulous, scamming air conditioning contractors know thi, and are ready to take advantage of your situation. We have heard about this from our clients time and time again, so we want to share a few tips for how to assess a potential air conditioner contractor, so you can tell whether they are really concerned about helping you or simply trying to make a few quick bucks.

1. Ask them for a quote, and make sure you get it in writing. Check that they take measurements of things like air pressure and refrigerant level, and that they record these numbers.

2. Call up another company to get a second opinion. Many upstanding companies will be happy to help you out with a second opinion to help keep the profession well-maintained and full of integrity. You can contact us at KAC Express, and we’ll be glad to assist you with either a first or second opinion.

3. Use the tools of the 21st century to check up on the air conditioning contractor in question. Do they have a Facebook page? How about Twitter? Check out their website. If they’re a fly-by-night company, they will not put in the time needed to build a website or any popular social network pages.

4. Look at their physical presence. Are their license plates local? Do they have an established office? Are their AC contractors established members of the community, as well as licensed and insured? A reputable company will become firmly entrenched in their locale and have a transparent background.

Sadly, there are many unscrupulous air conditioning contractors out there. They know the frustration you feel when dealing with a broken air conditioner, and they know how to capitalize this to get your hard-earned money. Consider sharing this article with anyone you know who may have an immediate need for an air conditioning contractor, and help keep them safe from scammers when it is time for them to get their AC inspected or repaired.




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