How Does My Air Conditioning Dehumidify the Air?

How Does My Air Conditioning Dehumidify the Air?

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It’s a great feeling to walk in from a hot, humid day to the cool, dry air of your home. But how exactly does your air conditioning remove moisture from your home’s air? Here at KAC Express we want to provide our customers with the best possible service that we can. Here’s a quick explanation of how your air conditioner works and how it’s able to dehumidify your home’s air. Give us a call if you need any kind of Spring, TX air conditioning services.

Spring, TX Air Conditioning Tip: How Dehumidification Works

Have you ever taken a cold glass outside on a hot day? You probably noticed how water droplets started to form on the outside of the glass—this is condensation. It happens because warm air is able to hold more moisture than cool air. As the outdoor air touches the glass it cools and releases its moisture. Your air conditioning system uses this same principle to remove moisture from your home’s air.

Your air conditioning system pulls in warm, moist air from your home and pushes it over a series of very cold coils called evaporator coils. These coils cool the air but they also gather condensation from the air which dehumidifies the air. This condensation then drips down into a pan and drains away.

What If Your Home Gets Too Humid

Dehumidification is a good indicator of whether or not your air conditioning system is operating properly. If you start to notice that your home is getting stuffy and humid, it likely means that something has gone wrong with the air conditioning system and you need to call for Spring, TX air conditioning services.


It can get humid here in Texas and sometimes your home’s air conditioning system may not be able to handle all of the moisture coming into it from the outdoor air. In these cases you may notice and increase in mold growth or condensation forming on the walls in your home. Dehumidifiers actually remove moisture from your home by lowering the temperature of the air below the dew point so that they can strip the moisture out of the air.

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