Benefits of Different Types of Heating Systems

Benefits of Different Types of Heating Systems

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During the cold months, it’s important to not only have an efficient heating system, but a system that works best for your particular home. Not every heating system is ideal for every home. It’s important to take some time to research what type of heating system will work best for your home.

Below are a number of different types of heating systems and each of their primary benefits. Look through them to decide which heating system is best for you, and then give KAC Express a call!

Furnaces are a common heating system for homes across the country and have added numerous benefits over the years through technological improvements. Efficiency has increased in addition to the reduction of operating noise, higher heating output, and better temperature balancing.

Ductless Heating
Ductless heating solutions are popular among families and households that need flexibility. Through the installation of individual units, you can choose which rooms receive heating units to better control the heating throughout the home and specific rooms. Ductless heating systems are much quicker and easier to install.

Heat Pumps
Heat pumps, or geothermal systems, are incredibly efficient at heating a home and require less energy to produce the heat needed for the home. Heat pumps draw heat and energy from the ground, rather than the air, making them more eco-friendly than other heating systems. Heat pumps also require little to no maintenance and can last for decades.

Radiant Systems
Radiant systems utilize a building’s floors or walls to indirectly heat the air within a room or home. The style of radiant heating has been around for centuries and is widely known for its ability to effectively heat any space. Radiant systems use either electric or water to heat up the floors and walls, leaving you with more space to decorate without showing guests where the heat is coming from.

Zone Control Systems
Zone control systems allow a homeowner to separately control different areas of the home, allowing for the best opportunity to balance heat levels throughout the entire home. This makes heating and cooling homes more efficient as the heating system won’t have to overcompensate by heating the entire house for only a single room.

Get your ideal heating system today with KAC Express Air Conditioning & Heating. We are experts in the Houston, TX area and can provide you with all the information and equipment needed to provide efficient heating for your home.




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