5 Ways to Make your HVAC Home Energy More Efficient

5 Ways to Make your HVAC Home Energy More Efficient

by | May 11, 2016 | Air Conditioning | 1 comment

Utility bills can become a hefty burden on your finances, but it doesn’t have to be with these five helpful tips on how to make your HVAC system more energy efficient. The average household spends over two thousand and two hundred dollars on their energy bill each year, and half of that bill is due to heating and cooling.  By ensuring that your HVAC unit is as efficient as possible you will save money on your electricity bills.

1. Seal and Insulate Properly and Efficiently:
By sealing and insulating your home properly, it can save you and your family up to twenty percent in HVAC costs. When your home is not efficiently insulated or sealed, your rooms will often feel uncomfortably hot or unbearably cold and it won’t matter how efficient your HVAC system is if these problems aren’t remediated.
Tip: It is important to discover any air leaks and seals those prior to installing your installation.

2. Seal Heating and Cooling Ducts
Are you experiencing humidity issues, abnormal amounts of dust, or rooms that never seem to get to a comfortable temperature? These could be signs that your ductwork is leaking or poorly insulated. Most of the time ducts are hidden within walls, basements, attics, or ceilings so they can be a tricky thing to find. For the ducts that you are able to access, it is important that appropriate sealant materials are used. It is also important to check and make sure that all the connections at the registers and vents are properly sealed. It is common to find leaks near the floor or ceiling where the vents and registers meet.
Tip: Never use duct tape since they do not last long and aren’t as effective as mastic sealant or foil tape.

3. Equipment Upgrade
As your HVAC unit ages, it becomes progressively less effective. The condition of your system and how well it has been maintained always plays a big role into how efficient your heating and cooling system is. If your unit is over ten years old, needs frequent repairs, or if your energy bills rise, these could all be signs that it’s time to upgrade your HVAC system. Call us today for a free estimate on HVAC installation and to discuss which energy efficient equipment would be the best for your home and needs.
Tip: If you’re not ready to replace your entire HVAC system little upgrades like installing a high efficiency heat pump or furnace can be a great alternative.

4.  Install and Utilize Your Programmable Thermostat
It is all too often that homeowners don’t take advantage of their programmable thermostat. By leaving your thermostat set to a constant temperature at all times it uses unnecessary energy and increases the cost of your utility bills. It is important to adjust your home’s temperature at times when you and the family are normally away or sleeping. Check your thermostat to find out which setting works best for your schedule.
Tip: When getting your thermostat installed, we recommend that you choose a location that is away from any heating or cooling registers, the fireplace, appliances, windows, or anything that may affect the temperature reading.

5. Maintain Equipment
We can’t say it enough, it is absolutely vital that you maintain your HVAC system. A well-maintained heating and cooling unit will run more efficiently and save you money. It is important to change your filter regularly! For tips on how to maintain your HVAC filter we recommend that you read our full blog post that gives great tips and tricks. It is also imperative that you schedule tune ups throughout the year with our experts. For tips on how to inspect your HVAC unit, read our post.

By implementing these five tips you will not only save yourself money on your utility bill, but by using less energy at home, we will also be able to reduce emission. To make electricity power plants burn fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases into the environment. These greenhouse gases are harmful to our planet, but together we can cut back on our carbon footprint and be more energy efficient. For more tips and tricks on home energy efficiency Energy Star is a great resource.
Call us today to talk to one of our home energy consultants and schedule a site visit so that we can do a proper installation check to ensure that you have the most efficient HVAC system possible.






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